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There’s something infinitely magical about having an astronaut regale you on tales from outer space, or seeing models sashay down the deck of an ocean liner while sailing the Atlantic. These are the moments that define a Cunard Event Voyage; the chance to encounter trailblazers and visionaries whose legacies have left a lasting mark on the world.


Each year Cunard embarks on a vibrant itinerary of iconic event voyages, celebrating accomplishments in literature, music, theater, genealogy and more. Each journey welcomes field experts and renowned figureheads, whose exploration of the voyage’s theme unravels in an illuminating program of insightful discussions and one-of-a-kind performances.

Always with Cunard's attention to detail

Working closely with our voyage partners, each themed cruise is the culmination of around two years’ work to deliver, ensuring the highest standards of on board experience and professional integrity.

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“The floor the dancers use needs to be sprung and incorporate the right surfaces. Cunard was fantastic about fulfilling our requirements so that the dancers were able to perform at their very best. The support team is also crucial: we needed to ensure the dancers had access to a physiotherapist as well as a gym and an ice bath.”

Jennie Harrington, Assistant Artistic Coordinator for The English National Ballet

Celebrating passions


While Cunard has always sought to elevate the cruise experience with its Insights program and signature touches like Gala Evenings and Afternoon Tea, event voyages offer guests the opportunity to indulge their passions and come face-to-face with their heroes.

Grey silhouette of a person's head and shoulders

"We’ve always been very proud to bring a plethora of speakers and entertainers on board our cruises – from well-known celebrities to experts in their field. But it was only in 2016, after launching the inaugural Transatlantic Fashion Week, that we fully appreciated how invested our guests are in themed journeys, based on their passions and interests. Since then, we’ve launched Cunard’s dedicated Event Voyage program and delivered a broad range of fantastic initiatives, with plenty more in the pipeline.’'

Andrea Lenihan, Cunard Brand Manager

A world with every voyage


As with all Cunard voyages, event cruises are complemented by a rich variety of on board experiences that form the hallmark of a Cunard vacation. It’s one of the many highlights of traveling by ocean liner, where days at sea offer the chance to indulge in leisurely pursuits and invest more time rediscovering activities you enjoy.


Many find themselves participating in the scheduled talks and workshops, even if they didn’t intend to. “We find that even guests who come on board without especially planning to take part in the program usually want to join in,” continues Andrea, “because they now have the time and space to explore different subjects.”

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