Usa and Canada

Between them, the USA and Canada serve up welcoming and historic cities not to mention a diverse palette of scenery.

The US and Canada encompass myriad experiences. Sun-kissed California and Florida. The aloha spirit of Hawaii. Canada’s majestic wilderness. The history and autumn colors of New England.

Where we sail.

St John's, NL, Canada

En route from New England to Canada, the charming and historic port St. John's, is the capital of Newfoundland and the oldest city in Canada – its well-preserved buildings dating from the 16th century.

St John, NB, Canada

You must make sure you catch the high tide when you're visiting New Brunswick. Twice a day, it sends water churning up the Saint John River creating the dramatic, reversing falls into a narrow gorge.

Le Havre, France

Founded in 1517 to serve the French capital, Le Havre marks your opportunity to explore the innumerable sights and experiences of Paris. Called the City of Light, you will be spoiled for choice.

New York, NY, USA

See the bright lights of the Big Apple, an international mecca and melting pot of culture, cuisine, architecture and art. Salute the great Statue of Liberty and prepare for the city that never sleeps.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

The iconic and inimitable City of Angels: home to beach life, film stars, palm trees, Hollywood and non-stop excitement. There’s nowhere like it, and no shortage of iconic views to tick off the list.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver provides some stunning scenery, such as Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge, just two highlights. British Columbia's marine parks feature remote fjords and vast, beautiful lakes.