Panama Canal and Central America cruises

Central America leaves a lasting impression, with its modern resorts, rich rainforest, and a fascinating Mayan legacy, not to mention the world-famous Panama Canal.

Explore the Panama Canal and Central America

Delve into the vibrant ports that we sail to across Central America, and discover a range of shore experiences that take you to the beating heart of this colorful region.

Ports we sail to in Central America

Explore the many ports and destinations you could visit on your Cunard cruise, from the sapphire waters of Costa Maya, Mexico to the Creole culture and jungle temples of Belize.

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Central America Shore Experiences

Enhance your cruise with an exciting Shore Experience exploring wild jungles, white sandy beaches and ancient temples. Discover stunning biodiversity, delicious local cuisine, unforgettable mountaintop views and more.

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Panama Canal cruises

Learn a little about the history of the Panama Canal and gain insight into the experience of navigating the intricate system of locks and waterways that connects North and South America on a Panama Canal cruise with Cunard.

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Panama Canal cruises special offers

Enjoy our limited-time offers on our cruises through the Panama Canal. Transit through the iconic Panama Canal on a Cunard Queen, and explore the wild jungles, white sandy beaches and ancient temples of Central America.

Be inspired

Colorful cuisine and fun-filled activities aren’t just for visits to shore: on a Cunard cruise, your on-board experience is sure to be just as magical. Read our articles for inspiration from the past and present, and start planning your future Cunard adventure.

Raising the chocolate bar

Join us as we celebrate the world’s most famous sweet treat, with a special Cunard cake recipe from our Executive chef.

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Natural treasures

Central America is home to an abundance of natural beauty and ancient history. Join us as we explore tropical rainforests and marine wildlife, and discover manmade feats such as jungle temples and the famous Panama Canal.

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A world of possibilities

Dip your toe into the Cunard experience as we explore a dozen ways to spend your time on board, from exciting guest speakers and theater to fitness and art classes.

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More destinations to explore

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