Cruises to Asia.

Experience peaceful temples, ancient tea ceremonies, raucous markets and traditional cuisine. This diverse continent blends centuries-old tradition and dazzling modernity, dynamic cities and idyllic resorts.

Asia & Japan Cruises Special Offers.

Enjoy our limited-time offers on our Asia cruises. A Cunard cruise to Asia will be full of fantastic sights, sounds and flavors.

Majestic Asia.

Asia is full of vibrant colors, ancient history, modern wonders and enticing smells and tastes.

Cruises to Japan.

Japan brings to mind ancient castles, stunning lakes, delicious food, towering mountains and buzzing cities. Every location drips with culture and history, and the scatter of islands make it an ideal place to experience by cruise.

Savor week-long tours of the Japanese islands, experience a longer voyage across Asia, or treasure a unique Pacific crossing to Alaska.

Asia cruise destinations.

Aomori, Japan.

Savor the natural landscapes in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture of Honshu, the largest and most populous island of Japan. Aomori sits between the southern end of Mutsu Bay and the fine Hakkōda Mountains.

Shanghai, China.

Shanghai’s legendary attractions include exquisite temples, superb museums and Bund’s elegant 19th-century European architecture. The Grand Canal and cities Wuxi and Suzhou are all within easy reach.

Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is a vision of ethereal beauty, where ribbons of pale sand unravel along an azure sea, emerald rice terraces and stone-carved temples pierce the landscape and Hindu gods inspire human creativity.

Asia cruises 2023.

Be inspired.

A Cunard cruise to Asia will undoubtedly be full of fantastic sights, sounds and flavors. Read our articles highlighting exciting ports of call and activities to experience on board a Cunard Queen, for a taste of what could be.

Take in Tokyo.

The capital city of Japan always mesmerizes visitors with its futuristic vibe, tempered with tradition, ritual and ancient history.

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A passion for food.

Guests on board the Cunard Queens can enjoy cuisine rightly famed for its excellence and variety. Meet our talented chefs to discover more about their culinary specialties and inspiration.

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Asia shore experiences.