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The volcanic isles in the Atlantic delight with their varied landscapes, enticing beaches and year-round sunshine.

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Lanzarote, Spain.

It’s easy to understand why the island of Lanzarote is so popular. Fire Mountain and the curious vineyards of Le Geria amid the volcanic island scenery are just some of the many highlights that await.

Tenerife, Spain.

Beloved for its beaches, Tenerife also offers a feast for the eyes. Either from the numerous galleries and museums or the incredibly panoramic cable car ascent of Mount Teide, there is so much to see.

La Palma, Spain.

‘La Isla Bonita’ La Palma is one of the smaller of the seven Canary Islands. Its capital, Santa Cruz de la Palma, is a picturesque harbor set on the eastern side of this charming volcanic formation.

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If you seek sun, sea and adventure, then a Cunard cruise to the Canary Islands is the perfect getaway, but the pleasure isn’t all in the destination. Treasure your voyage sea days by filling them with exciting on-board activities, delicious meals, or simply space and time to relax at your leisure. Explore our articles to get some inspiration, and imagine yourself sailing on a Cunard Queen.

Fantastic fizz.

We pop the cork on the world of sparkling wines, and discover why a glass of bubbly on board Cunard is always special.

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A Canary Christmas.

Christmas on board a Cunard Queen in the Canary Islands is nothing short of magical. Join us as we explore local traditions and customs for the festive season.

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Waves of well-being.

Taking our cue from Cunard’s sea-inspired Mareel® Wellness & Beauty holistic spa, we explore how the ocean can bring health benefits to mind, body and soul, and enjoy another healthy recipe from the Cunard kitchen.

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