Africa and Indian Ocean.

Discover dazzling African cities and wildlife, vibrant India, the Arabian Peninsula and Indian Ocean island gems.

Set on age-old trade routes, centuries of influences meet around Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean. It creates a fascinating tapestry of cultures, cuisines and traditions for you to explore today.

Where we sail.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Your guide to Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi City occupies its own island and it is here that visitors arriving by sea will step ashore. Capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi takes its name from the Arabian Gazelle that once roamed here, long before the discovery of oil kick-started the area’s metamorphosis. Consequently, Abu Dhabi is today a futuristic metropolis populated by glass skyscrapers and fringed by salt-white beaches. From a destination billed previously as ‘one to watch’ Abu Dhabi is now officially ‘one to experience’ with world-class hotels, serious shopping, outstanding attractions, incredible restaurants and some of the world’s finest art museums.


The city of Abu Dhabi is spread over a considerable area and taxi is the easiest way to get around. Downtown, in the Saadiyat Island Cultural District, you will find galleries including the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Guggenheim but if it is tradition you seek, make a beeline for the city’s most famous landmark: the marble-clad Sheikh Zayed Mosque. If time permits, take a tour on a Dhow (a traditional Arabic sailing vessel) or venture outside the city to Mangrove National Park, keeping an eye out for native turtles, flamingos and herons as you venture the forest and salt marshes.

Eating and drinking.

Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of culinary experiences, from street vendors and traditional restaurants to luxury hotels and food courts in shopping malls. Naturally, the majority of cuisine is Middle Eastern influenced—Lebanese being a particular favorite. Goat, lamb, fish, and rice all feature strongly on menus while Mezze—similar to tapas in Spain—often served as a starter. Puddings tend to be very sweet and alcoholic drinks are reserved for hotel bars and restaurants. Kahwa, a strong coffee, is Abu Dhabi’s favorite drink and shai (tea)—in particular red tea with mint, is very popular.


Shopping in Abu Dhabi takes place in traditional souks and ultra-modern malls. Visitors often come specifically to shop and prices tend to favor those in the West. The Marina Mall, in the Breakwater district, and the Abu Dhabi Mall are two of the largest. Even if the allure of shopping does not appeal, the chance to escape the sun can provide a welcome respite from the smoldering heat in summer. The city’s souks also attract considerable tourists. Cash is King here and haggling over prices expected. Souks, in particular, are a great place to pick up traditional UAE souvenirs, such as jewelry, carpets and antiques.

Beyond Abu Dhabi.

An hour’s drive outside the city brings you to Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. Falcons were at one time used to hunt small animals in the UAE and the hospital offers a visitor’s museum, as well as the opportunity to handle a bird under supervision. Al Ain, Abu Dhabi’s second largest city is about two hours’ drive from the capital, at the foot of Jebel Hafeet, the second highest peak in the UAE. Known as the Oasis City, attractions include Al Jahili Fort, built in 1891, the National Museum and Al Ain Palace Museum. Shoppers are not forgotten and the city has a number of modern malls and souks. 

Colombo, Sri Lanka

A beautiful landscape adorned with luscious greenery, stunning beaches, wildlife refuges and the ruins of ancient civilizations beckons visitors to Sri Lanka, an island inhabited by man for millennia.

Cochin, India

Set out on the magnificent Malabar coast amid small islands and narrow inlets, this fascinating port was once a major stop along the Spice Route and features a history that dates back to Roman times.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town isn’t just one of the most beautiful cities in the world – it’s also circled by magnificent beaches, rugged mountains and idyllic vineyards. All located on the stunning shores of Table Bay.

Doha, Qatar

Rising up from the desert, Doha is an ambition being brought to life by the world’s most talented architects, constantly creating awe-inspiring new shapes and angles across the ever-changing skyline. Known as the shining jewel of Qatar, Doha sits on the east coast lapped by the warm waters of the Persian Gulf.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is full of fascinating contrasts and distinctive blends. Here you’ll uncover Eastern and Western influences, extraordinary extravagance, stunning man-made resorts, and a culture that intrigues.