Cruises to Africa and Indian Ocean

Set on age-old trade routes, centuries of influences meet around Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean, creating a fascinating tapestry of cultures, cuisines and traditions for you to explore.

Where we sail in Africa and Indian Ocean

Walvis Bay, Namibia

Known as the “Diamond of Africa,” Namibia is a country of beauty and contrasting landscapes. It has the world’s oldest desert and highest sand dunes and a unique blend of cultures and traditions.

Between the sand dunes of the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, the large natural lagoon of Walvis Bay is home to a range of exotic bird life.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The UAE’s capital is a dynamic and fascinating city to explore. A Miami-like mix of salt-white sand and reflective skyscrapers, Abu Dhabi offers world-class art museums, innovative Middle Eastern cuisine, and countless opportunities to shop.

Phuket, Thailand

Known as the ‘Pearl of Andaman Sea’ Phuket offers a rich and colorful history coupled with sparkling blue waters, teaming with marine life. Away from its idyllic coast, Phuket’s countryside is rich with gems of its own to admire. Dense coconut groves, traditional rubber plantations and lush green hills hide ancient temples, Chinese shrines and ornate mosques—a glimpse into the island’s spirituality.

Africa and Indian Ocean Cruises 2024 and 2025

Dubai To Southampton, 20 nights, Apr 7 2025

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Dubai To Hamburg, 22 nights, Apr 7 2025

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New York To Cape Town, 29 nights, Jan 3 2024

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Southampton To Cape Town, 21 nights, Jan 11 2024

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Cape Town To Fremantle, 16 nights, Feb 1, 2024

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Singapore To Dubai, 15 nights, Mar 23, 2024

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Hong Kong To Dubai, 24 nights, Mar 14, 2024

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Cape Town To Hamburg, 18 nights, Apr 12, 2024

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New York To Fremantle, 45 nights, Jan 3, 2024

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