Africa and Indian Ocean

Discover dazzling African cities and wildlife, vibrant India, the Arabian Peninsula and Indian Ocean island gems.

Set on age-old trade routes, centuries of influences meet around Africa, Arabia and the Indian Ocean. It creates a fascinating tapestry of cultures, cuisines and traditions for you to explore today.

Where we sail.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This modern island city epitomizes the very opulence of the seven wealthy United Arab Emirates, and is its glittering capital. There are many glorious ways to while away the warm and luxurious hours.

Agadir, Morocco

Petra (tours from Aqaba), Jordan

Inland from Aqaba and its world-renowned diving, lies the astonishing and ancient hidden city of Petra. Looming like a mirage that melts into the copper sandstone hills of the desert. A rare delight.

Mumbai, India

The Portuguese acquired this renowned city from Bahadur Shah in the 15th century and called it Bom Baim, meaning “good bay.” India’s largest city and principal seaport, Bombay is “Mumbai” in Marathi.

Casablanca, Morocco

Cochin, India

Set out on the magnificent Malabar coast amid small islands and narrow inlets, this fascinating port was once a major stop along the Spice Route and features a history that dates back to Roman times.