Life on board

Even if you're not sailing with us, we are here to inspire you. Exclusive recipes, delicious drinks and exciting on board events are all featured in our array of articles, ready for you to explore.

Fantastic fizz

We pop the cork on the world of sparkling wines – and discover why a glass of bubbly on board Cunard is always special.

My literary journey

The bestselling award-winning author Victoria Hislop – a previous special guest on Queen Mary 2’s Literature Festival at Sea 2019 – shares her travel tales.

A world of possibilities

Make your voyage anything you want it to be on a Cunard ship with a wide variety of fantastic cruise ship activities.

Focus on fashion

Since 2016, Transatlantic Fashion Week on Queen Mary 2 has been a regular feature of Cunard’s event voyage calendar. We venture behind the runway to find out how this amazing voyage was born, and what guests can expect on board this iconic ocean journey celebrating fashion at its finest.

Discover life on board in greater depth with these special articles, produced for Cunard by BBC StoryWorks, the commercial content division of BBC Global News. Discover a day in the life of a Cunard captain, see inside the Cunard on board kitchen, and hear from experts and previous guests why Cunard is such a popular choice for cruise holidays.

A floating hotel

Modern cruise ships are like elaborate hotels – yet the design process is very different. Hear what an expert marine interior designer has to say about the Cunard Queens and how they are specially made for traveling in style.

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A day in the life

Inger Klein Thorhauge is one of very few female captains in the cruise industry. Follow her for a day and see what life on board a Cunard Queen is like from her perspective.

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Gastronomy at sea

At full working capacity, Queen Elizabeth sets sail with over 230 kitchen staff preparing more than 12,000 meals a day – a feat of fine dining on an almost military scale. Step into our restaurants and explore beyond to find how this is achieved each day.

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Rituals with a modern twist

From afternoon tea to the cocktail hour, some favorite travel rituals have managed to endure the test of time. Discover their histories, and what these rituals look like on board a Cunard Queen in the 21st century.

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A voyage of the senses

A cruise is a chance to escape from the everyday, to let the world awaken you — to open mind, body, soul, spirit and every one of your five senses. Discover what you can experience on a Cunard voyage, both on board and on shore.

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A space of our own

Join two of our previous guests as they take us through their past ocean travels, highlighting their favorite destinations, their future plans, and why they keep coming back to Cunard.

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The open sea

The open sea has long signified freedom — and modern cruise ships embrace that sense of liberation. Maritime historian Chris Frame introduces us to the history of ocean travel, and how it has evolved to where it is today.

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Far, wide and close to home

Travel soothes and expands the mind, and you don’t need to go far to enjoy the benefits of vacation mode. Explore the benefits of a well-earned break, and how a cruise, even one close to home, fits the bill perfectly.

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The tastes of a Cunard voyage

Raising the chocolate bar

Join us as we celebrate the world’s most famous sweet treat with a special Cunard cake recipe from our Executive chef.

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We made it specially

What goes into creating the menus, treats and delicacies for those extra-special occasions on board? Join us as we enter the Development Kitchen and find out.

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A cut above

Discover Cunard's Steakhouse at The Verandah, and find out what our chef recommends you try on your next voyage.

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Tea time

Uncover the origins of Afternoon Tea—a celebrated occasion on the Cunard Queens—and learn how to make our delicious Cunard scones.

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A taste for travel

One of the thrills of visiting new places is finding foodie inspiration and trying famous recipes. Here’s a selection of our favorites, all discovered on our travels.

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A taste for travel

One of the thrills of visiting new places is finding foodie inspiration and trying famous recipes. Here’s a selection of our favourites, all discovered on our travels.

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A unique history

Cunard celebrates 180 years

Discover the extraordinary moments that define our past and continue to inspire our future.

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Fit for a Queen

From exclusive dining to grand suites, we open our archive to see how the Queens Grill, Cunard’s ultimate ocean experience, has evolved over the years.

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10 years of Queen Elizabeth

A decade on from the launch of Cunard's Queen Elizabeth, we look back on ten things that make her such a special member of our iconic fleet.

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Famous faces on the high seas

Historian Chris Frame offers a behind-the-scenes look at some of Cunard’s famous passengers in the first installment of our two-part series.

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Stars on board

In the second part of our special series, we explore why Cunard has long been the cruise line of choice for stars of the stage and screen.

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