A voyage of the senses.

A cruise is a journey. A mental journey, a physical journey — yet, most of all, a voyage of the senses. It’s a chance to escape from the everyday, to let the world awaken you — to open mind, body, soul, spirit and every one of your five senses.

In light of the Covid-19 situation, the recommendations and activities mentioned in this article are for the purpose of possible future cruise vacations. Please always refer to local government health advisories for travel.


As the ship pulls away from shore, the harbor fades into the distance and the broad sweep of the coast comes into view. Islands, cliffs, beaches, rocks assume their natural form. You stroll the deck, embracing the shifting hues of the ocean: blue, grey, green, perhaps even a whitecap or two.

Rugged coastal castles, ancient cliffsides and wildlife above and below water. See your destinations from a unique perspective with our special scenic cruises.

As you wander the wide open spaces, new details spring into focus: the dense texture of oil on canvas, the rich hues of a flower arrangement, the gleam and glitter of a chandelier. Visual rituals catch your eye: the barman’s deft hands on a rattling shaker, a white-tie procession bearing high tea, a fencing match on the open deck.

It’s a new world. So much to see, so much to surprise. You feel awake, your eyes alert to every precious moment.


Amid the quiet of a morning stroll on deck, you listen to the sounds of the ocean: lapping waves, a seabird’s call, the steady thrum of the engine bearing you onwards.

A splash as a swimmer drops into the pool, the rise and fall of a runner’s feet on the promenade, the click of a camera capturing solitude.

Descending a sweeping staircase, a harpist greets you with a gentle trill. Later, the raw energy of live sax electrifies the night, while heels click and skirts swirl on the ballroom floor, immersed in the timeless passion of the tango.

Away from the hubbub and the urban noise of home, you sleep deeply, embraced by soft mattress, crisp sheets and the gentle white noise of a ship at sea.

Explore our evening activities, from lively dancing and musical theater to elegant cocktails in sophisticated on board bars.


From master pastry chefs to expert sommeliers, a world of flavor awaits. Perhaps a glass of champagne and a delicate canapé as you meet the captain, maybe steak or lobster in an art deco dining room as a live band plays. Maybe breakfast is a simple pastry on your balcony as the world glides by; maybe a silver-service extravaganza amid picture-postcard views.

Godiva chocolates greet you on your pillow; fresh herbs deck a slick copper bar top; finger sandwiches and delicate pastries tempt from a silver three-tier stand. There’s something to capture every palate and always a friendly face to guide you through.

Here's a sample of our dining options, ready to tantalize the tastebuds on board.

Main dining.

Your stateroom grade is linked to its own dedicated restaurant, with four exceptional options to select from. Enjoy your meals in the glorious two-tiered Britannia restaurant, savor the intimate Britannia Club restaurant, or experience dining excellence in our Princess and Queens Grill venues.

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Steakhouse at the Verandah.

Steakhouse at The Verandah offers a sublime alternative dining experience. Showcasing specialties such as prime USDA grain-finished New York strip steak and Alaskan king crab, the menu is a celebration of the fine provenance of the US, British Isles and Australia.

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Afternoon tea.

Our signature afternoon tea is included in your cruise fare and served daily on board. Make it extra special with our Champagne Afternoon Tea menu, or our special Godiva chocolate afternoon tea.

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Out on the open waves, the fresh ozone of the ocean captivates, a crisp cool scent that’s the essence of a sea voyage. It’s invigorating, enlivening, a journey in itself. You breathe more deeply and even as you relax your energy levels rise.

Yet there’s more to discover and surprise. The gentle rose of a carefully placed potpourri; the luxurious citrus and dark woods of Penhaligon’s lotion; the bonfire scent of hickory smoke pouring from a bell dome; the sweet, heavy fragrance of a Casablanca lily bouquet; or the rich peat aroma of a single malt as you bid the day farewell.


A lazy morning in the spa: the steady pulse of salt water in the hydrotherapy pool, the slick glide of warm stones over knotted muscles, the invigorating scrub of crystals on tired skin, the gentle hug of a seaweed wrap easing away the toxins. A mellow afternoon on your balcony, feeling the sun warm your skin as the wide ocean slides past.

As the sun sets, you stroll through the gentle evening air on the broad deck, letting the breeze ruffle your hair. This is it. This is what you came for. Every one of your senses is engaged.

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