Europe cruises

From the charm of the Mediterranean to the enigma of the Northern Lights, a Cunard cruise in Europe reveals history, sun, and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Europe cruises

Explore the best that Europe has to offer on a Cunard cruise. Soak in the sun of the ancient Mediterranean, visit the volcanic Canary Islands, admire the architecture of Western Europe, or fall in love with the otherworldly landscapes of Norway and its fjords.

Explore part of Europe with Cunard

Mediterranean cruises

The Mediterranean is a jewel in Europe. Be captivated by crumbling coastal towns and charming fishing ports, exquisite sandy beaches and hidden bays, and indulge to your heart’s content.

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Canary Islands cruises

These volcanic isles sit clustered in the east Atlantic and delight with their varied landscapes, enticing beaches, and year-round sunshine.

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Western Europe cruises

Staying within Europe’s western reaches can be truly illuminating. You can experience Spain, France, or the Netherlands, or even complete a memorable circle around the British Isles.

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Northern Europe cruises

Immerse in the wonder of icy peaks and piercing blue fjords. Fall for the charm of canal-linked streets and marvel at imperial and gothic architecture as you venture through Northern Europe.

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Norwegian Fjords cruises

This UNESCO-listed land where the midnight sun never sets is an awe-inducing blend of glacial granite cliffs, jewel-colored pine forests, and lakes in every shade that nature can conjure.

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Northern Lights cruises

A Northern Lights cruise propels you to the heart of Norway’s atmospheric fjords, where the prospect of glimpsing nature’s famous light show only adds to the sense of wonderment.

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Be inspired

Grape expectations

Explore the stunning wine-making regions of Portugal, France, and others, and hear recommendations from wine expert Will Lyons.

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Fjord thinking

Allow Cunard to take you on a fjords cruise to visit some of the most majestic sites in the natural world – from the famous Norwegian fjords to the spectacular glaciers of New Zealand, South America, and beyond.

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Starry, starry night

Join John Maclean, astronomer and award-winning astrophotographer, on an exploration of the sought-after sights of the mysterious aurora borealis.

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Life on board

An oven-warm scone served to you by a white-gloved waiter, a chocolate left on your pillow each night, and complimentary room service, 24 hours-a-day. These are the everyday experiences that await you on a cruise with Cunard. Savour the standard of our White Star Service, relax in the serenity of your ship’s spa and enjoy evenings illuminated by theater, music, and fine dining.

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180 years of Cunard

Recognized around the world, a Cunard Queen is a British icon of luxury ocean travel as famous for carrying royalty, presidents, and legends of the stage and screen, as for the White Star service provided by our ship’s crew. To travel with us is to become part of history. Discover extraordinary moments that define our past and continue to inspire our future.

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Enticing Europe

Trace the footsteps of Vikings and succumb to ancient cities. Admire medieval castles guarding secluded coves and sail ethereal fjords where the scenery is spellbinding.

Featured Europe destinations

Cruises from Barcelona

Golden sand beaches. Bustling bars and restaurants. Centuries-old buildings. Cruises from Barcelona invite you to uncover the hidden treasures of the Mediterranean or extend your exploration to ports even further afield.

Greek island cruises

From the blue domes of Santorini to the rising cobble streets of Cephalonia, experience the beauty of the Greek Islands, whilst savoring native delicacies like moussaka, tzatziki, and baklava.

Cruises to Italy

A cruise to Italy brings all kinds of opportunities to make unforgettable memories, whether you’re looking for culinary adventure, a glimpse into ancient history, or some time to simply rest and relax.

Amsterdam cruises

Amsterdam is known for its unique charm and character traits that have kept visitors returning year after year. From its picturesque canals and colorful architecture to vibrant nightlife and enviable culinary scene, choose a cruise to Amsterdam to discover this unique city for yourself.

Iceland cruises

A cruise around Iceland brings opportunities to explore a one-of-a-kind destination. Almost every view that awaits in Iceland could be a scene from a movie set on another planet, and what better way to see it all than from a Cunard Queen?

Europe cruises special offers

Enjoy our limited-time offers on our Europe cruises. Whether you choose to sail through the dramatic fjords, escape to soft sandy beaches, or explore ancient architecture, a European voyage aboard a Cunard Queen promises unforgettable moments.

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