Cruises to Europe.

From the charm of the Mediterranean to the enigma of the Northern Lights, a cruise in Europe reveals history, sun and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

European cruises.

Trace the footsteps of Vikings and succumb to ancient cities. Admire medieval castles guarding secluded coves and sail ethereal fjords where the scenery is spellbinding.

Mediterranean cruises.

The Mediterranean is a jewel in Europe. Be captivated by crumbling coastal towns and charming fishing ports, savor exquisite sandy beaches and hidden bays, and indulge to your heart’s content.

Northern Europe cruises.

Immerse in the wonder of icy peaks and piercing blue fjords. Fall for the charm of canal-linked streets and marvel at imperial and gothic architecture as you venture through Northern Europe.

Western Europe cruises.

Traveling within Europe’s western reaches can be truly illuminating. You can experience Spain, France or the Netherlands, or even complete a memorable circle around the British Isles.

More Northern delights.

Norwegian Fjords cruises.

This UNESCO listed land where the midnight sun never sets is an awe-inducing blend of glacial granite cliffs, jewel-colored pine forests and lakes in every shade that nature can conjure.

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Northern Lights cruises.

A Northern Lights cruise propels you to the heart of Norway’s atmospheric fjords, where the prospect of glimpsing nature’s famous lightshow only adds to the sense of wonderment.

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Baltic cruises.

Grand imperial palaces and stylish Scandinavian cities await on a cruise of the Baltic Sea. Walk the medieval streets of Tallinn’s UNESCO-listed old town or uncover Russian Tsars in St Petersburg.

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Life on board.

An oven warm scone served to you by a white-gloved waiter, a chocolate left on your pillow each night and complimentary room service, 24 hours-a day. These are the everyday experiences that await you on a cruise with Cunard. Savor the standard of our White Star Service, relax in the serenity of your ship’s spa, and enjoy evenings illuminated by theater, music, and fine dining.

Why Cunard?

Recognized around the world, a Cunard Queen is a British icon of luxury ocean travel as famous for carrying royalty, presidents, and legends of the stage and screen, as for the White Star service provided by our ship’s crew. To travel with us is to become part of history. We’ve transported passengers around the world since 1840 – longer than any other cruise line – and our itineraries always offer a unique point of difference. Be it a naturalist on board to narrate the scenery or an explorer regaling you with tales of adventure.

Frequently asked questions about Europe.