Cruises to Italy

A cruise to Italy brings all kinds of opportunities to make unforgettable memories, whether you’re looking for culinary adventure, a glimpse into ancient history, or some time to simply rest and relax.

Featured Italy cruises

With almost 5,000 miles of coastline, a cruise to Italy could visit a number of different ports, each with its own distinct character. Maybe you’ll explore Rome’s iconic Colosseum on a tour from Civitavecchia, or sip on sweet limoncello in Sorrento. Perhaps a cruise-by experience in the Strait of Messina sounds appealing, giving you time to stop and unwind while enjoying the view.

Italian cruise ports of call

There are many ports throughout Italy that could be included on your cruise, from Trieste in the northeast to the beautiful Messina Strait cruise-by between the mainland and Sicily.

Messina Strait (cruise-by)

Only two miles in width, the Messina Strait separates the mainland from Sicily. On a clear day you’ll enjoy exquisite views of the land on both sides, including the town of Messina itself, in Sicily.

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Sorrento (tours to Capri or Pompeii)

A little further down the west coast from Naples is Sorrento, a picturesque town whose colorful buildings seem to perch perfectly down the cliffside. Find plenty of inviting trattorias in which to sip on a fine wine, or sample some of the region’s freshest seafood.

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Livorno (tours to Florence or Pisa)

One of two gateway ports to Florence and Pisa, Livorno itself offers the impressive medieval Fortezza Vecchia, the canals of La Venezia, or a journey further into Tuscany.

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La Spezia (tours to Florence or Pisa)

Another starting point for tours to Florence and Pisa, La Spezia boasts a scenic coastline and welcoming feel, and is also the gateway to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cinque Terre, a collection of five colorful, historic villages scattered along the coast.

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Naples (tours to Capri or Pompeii)

In the south of Italy, Naples is a vibrant city where unforgettable cuisine, exciting nightlife, and urban art forms are found at every corner. Close to Mount Vesuvius, those who are interested can take time to explore the remarkable ruins left behind in Pompeii, after the volcanic eruption in 79 AD.

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Civitavecchia (tours to Rome)

Gateway city to Rome, Civitavecchia itself offers interesting architecture and museums to explore.

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In the northeast of Italy is the province of Trieste, close to the border with Slovenia. Wander the streets that spill off either side of the Canal Grande, and quickly see influences from the Byzantine empire, and German, Slavic, and Jewish settlers of years gone by.

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Experience everything Italy has to offer

Italy is a truly unique destination. A world-famous culinary scene, wild landscapes, picture-perfect beaches, and of course, a history like no other.

The capital, Rome, alone boasts a fascinating past stemming from the mythological story of Romulus and Remus. Over the millennia, the city has been the foundation of a mighty empire, revered emperors, and the papacy and Catholic faith. Venice has also been integral in the story of Italy. It was once a thriving center of trade and home to famous merchants and explorers, including Marco Polo.

The remarkable history and culture of Italy remain very visible today and can be explored in each port you’ll visit on a cruise here. From ancient monuments and fascinating museums to more modern, vibrant scenes of art and creative expression, discover something new every day.

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