Our guide to booking online.

Use this helpful guide to discover more about using our search tools to find and book your perfect voyage.

Using 'find a voyage'.

'Find a voyage' is a simple tool to help you to refine your search and quickly discover the perfect voyage.

Navigating to 'find a voyage'.

'Find a voyage' links can be found at the top of most pages on the Cunard desktop website, or the menu section if using a mobile or tablet device.

Alternatively, use the link below to open 'Find a voyage' in a new window.

Selecting and deselecting your choices.

Select your preferences from the search criteria in the drop-down menu (destinations, departure ports, sailing dates, duration).

Any selections you make will be highlighted in black.

To deselect a selection, simply click on the tile again.

Once happy with your selections, click 'Apply'.

Your search results will be shown on the page below.

Refining your search.

To refine your results further, select a combination of search criteria.

For example:
Destination: Africa and Indian Ocean, World Cruise
Departure port: Cape Town, South Africa
Date: 2021

Once happy with your selections, click 'Apply' and your search results will be shown below.

Helpful tip:
To return to a blank search and see all available voyages, simply click on 'Reset all filters'.

Viewing more information about a specific cruise.

Once you have set your search preferences you should see a filtered list of results that reflect the search criteria you selected.

In the cruise overview, use the 'See voyage details' link or 'Book now' button to learn more about a specific voyage.

Helpful tip:
To return to your search results from a voyage details page, click the 'Back' icon next to the Cunard logo.

Using additional filters.

Additional filters can help you to refine your voyage search even further.

Suite or stateroom availability.

Each of our ships has a luxurious selection of staterooms and suites to meet the needs of your voyage.

You can also filter your voyage results by accommodations preference, should you have a stateroom grade in mind. Simply select your choice from the drop-down menu and click 'Apply filter'.

To deselect, simply click the stateroom or suite again.

More filters.

By using 'More filters' you can narrow down your choices even further, in order to easily find your ideal voyage.

These filters include search by cruise number, ports of call, price, ship, themes, or include/exclude sold out voyages.

Sorting your results.

Your search results are automatically sorted by ascending departure date (earliest departure date first).

To sort search results by a different parameter, simply click on the 'Sort by' icon (four lines and an arrow pointing down).

You are able to sort search results by:
Departure date - ascending or descending
Price - ascending or descending
Duration - ascending or descending

Itineraries, the interactive map tool and accommodations.

Use our interactive map and itinerary features to discover more about your selected voyage's ports of call and sea days.

Switching between itinerary 'Map view' and 'List view'.

There are two options for viewing your selected voyage's itinerary: 'Map view' or 'List view'.

By default, voyage itineraries appear in 'Map view' but can easily be changed to 'List view' by clicking the corresponding box.

To discover more about a particular port of call or life on board, click 'Find out more'.

Exploring the interactive map.

Our interactive map tool allows desktop users to browse through the day-to-day itinerary of a voyage and also follow the intended course of the ship on a map.

To enable, click 'Explore interactive map' and swipe up (if on a mobile device) or use the keyboard cursor keys to view the voyage's ports of call and days at sea.

Alternatively, use the Previous slide and Next slide buttons (up and down arrows to the right-hand side of the screen) to navigate.

Exploring and selecting available accommodations.

The 'Accommodations' section can be found beneath the map and itinerary details. Here you will find an outline of stateroom availability, stateroom price and also an image gallery including a virtual tour of each stateroom.

Helpful tip:
Click on the main image of the stateroom accommodations to access the image gallery and virtual tour.

Once satisfied with your accommodation choice please click 'Book now' (you can always change your accommodations at the next stage of the booking).

Tailoring your voyage.

Number of guests and stateroom confirmation.

This section of the booking process will guide you through your stateroom requirements based upon the number of guests - including children and infants - on your voyage. All staterooms have a maximum occupancy limit and this section will help you to establish which stateroom grade and position would best suit your needs on board.

Guests requiring a stateroom with wheelchair access or use of a mobility device can flag their needs here.

Once you have input your guest requirements, click 'Continue' to see available accommodations and fare types.

Selecting your fare type.

We have a number of fare options available to guests. These fares depend upon a number of factors including: availability, time of booking and voyage departure date.

Available fares and a description of what is included in each will be shown at this stage of the process.

Once you have selected the fare that most meets your needs, click 'Book now' to be taken to the 'Voyage summary' section.

Voyage summary and enhancements.

Before you proceed to payment, you will be provided with a price breakdown and overview of your voyage.

Here you can select various voyage additions: Land tours, pre and post voyage hotel accommodations, airport transfers and CunardCare® guest protection*. Once your selections have been made, click 'Checkout'.

*CunardCare® is available to residents of the United States (except for the state of New York) and Canada (except for Quebec). The At Ease Waiver program is available for residents of New York, Quebec, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.

Checkout and booking your voyage.

Booking your selected voyage online is quick and simple. Below we outline the stages of the checkout and booking process that will bring you and your loved ones a step closer to a truly memorable voyage.

Adding guest information.

On the checkout page you’ll be asked to provide the full name and a few important details about each guest in your booking. Please have this information to hand as you’ll need it to complete your booking.

Helpful tip:
If you or a guest have an FCC you'd like to redeem, please enter the relevant CWC number where indicated.

Use the link below to learn more about FCC and CWC numbers.

Payment options and deposits.

On the payment page, you have the choice to pay the balance of your voyage in full or pay the required deposit amount as shown.

Helpful tip:
If your voyage is due to sail within 120 days from the time of booking, you will be required to settle the full balance at time of booking (if the voyage is sailing on or after May 1, 2022).

If you choose to pay a deposit, you will be asked to confirm how the remaining balance will be paid:

  • Automatically transfer the outstanding balance on the balance due date
  • Pay the balance manually
  • Place a courtesy hold

Booking confirmation.

Once your payment has been processed, you will be redirected to the booking confirmation page.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address used in your booking, which contains your voyage details, as well as a payment summary.

We look forward to greeting you on board.