Ocean Odyssey.

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Feel revitalized and illuminated from the glow of the ocean with our signature marine-based treatments, tailored to your skin’s specific needs.

For eons, humankind has harnessed the power of natural elements to support health and wellness, and the oceans have long delivered. It’s this faith in the healing potential of the world around us that underpins our marine-inspired treatments.

Choose our Pro-Collagen Marine Facial, that uses nourishing coral and ocean algae to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, or perhaps the seaweed or salt stone massage, both of which infuse the skin with vitamins and minerals. Feel yourself fully unwind at the hands of one of our talented therapists during a massage designed to cleanse, stimulate, and soothe, making the most of this little bit of time just for you.

For the ultimate experience, choose the ‘Taste of the Ocean’, combining the marine facial with the massage treatment of your choice, creating your own uplifting journey. Whatever you choose, the treasures of the sea are used wherever possible to leave you feeling vibrant and be left with a sense of calm and ease, that will only serve to enhance your time on vacation.

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To give you a real sense of vacation and escapism on your voyage, you can book a spa treatment before you embark. Choose from our stunning selection, including nourishing facials and marine-based massages, on My Cunard up to six months before you sail. Simply log in with your cruise booking reference and enjoy the added peace of mind, knowing this little indulgence is ready and waiting for you.

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