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At Mareel, beauty is more than just skin-deep. Featuring treatments inspired by the shimmering glow of the ocean, our facial experts are on hand to ignite your radiance and help you look and feel your best.

Book yourself in for a restorative facial and indulge in a little time just for you. An ideal treat on a sea day spent doing all the things you love on board, or maybe before a glamorous Gala Evening ‘night out’, a facial will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Choose your facial to complement time spent enjoying all the facilities available to you at Mareel Wellness and Beauty, whether you’d like to simply unwind with a book on a lounger or experience the nurturing heat of the Finnish sauna.

Our 50-minute facial treatments range from focusing on anti-aging and contouring, to generally boosting the overall health of the skin, so you’ll find an option to suit no matter what your priority is when it comes to facial skincare. A combination of exfoliation, traditional massage, and nutrient-rich skin care products ensures that your skin is left feeling soft and radiant. Should you have sensitive skin, perhaps benefit from our oxygen and red-light therapies, which are designed to restore balance in skin cells.

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To give you a real sense of vacation and escapism on your voyage, you can book a spa treatment before you embark. Choose from our stunning selection, including nourishing facials and marine-based massages, on My Cunard up to six months before you sail. Simply log in with your cruise booking reference and enjoy the added peace of mind, knowing this little indulgence is ready and waiting for you.

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