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Experience Medi-Spa: safe and effective aesthetic treatments to revitalize the appearance with little to no downtime. Complimentary consultations are also available and bookable on board.

As our natural elastin and collagen supplies begin to deplete, it’s common to see tell-tale signs of aging creep in. While lifestyle and diet can help to slow down this process, for the most part, reversing the signs of aging requires specialist intervention.

Delivered by a team of Medi-Spa physicians and facial experts, each skincare treatment is backed by clinically proven technology to restore confidence and leave you looking renewed and radiant.

Our Medi-Spa salon offers just that support if you’re looking to tackle a problem area that’s been troubling you. You’ll find treatments that soften the appearance of wrinkles for up to four months, along with non-invasive procedures that sculpt the body by reducing fat.

Many treatments use radiofrequency to bring about long-lasting results, while others gently penetrate the skin to get to work beneath the surface. This includes our Micro-needling treatment, which helps to lift and tighten the skin by activating cellular generation and our dermal fillers, which can restore youthful contours by replacing lost volume.

If loose skin on your stomach or neck is causing you concern, a session of Thermage® Skin Tightening can help to improve the appearance of these two areas, while frown lines and crow’s feet can be instantly reduced with one of our Dysport® Wrinkle treatments.

Complimentary consultations for all Medi-Spa treatments are bookable on board.

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To give you a real sense of vacation and escapism on your voyage, you can book a spa treatment before you embark. Choose from our stunning selection, including nourishing facials and marine-based massages, on My Cunard up to six months before you sail. Simply log in with your cruise booking reference and enjoy the added peace of mind, knowing this little indulgence is ready and waiting for you.

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