Canary Islands Cruises

The Canaries are a place of stark and beautiful contrasts. The volcanic mountains present a dramatic backdrop to the verdant, rolling landscape. Snow can often be seen at their pinnacle while you bask in glorious sunshine on the stunning beaches. A great way to appreciate the magnificence of the terrain is to take a jeep safari to the top.


For dazzling floral displays Madeira cannot be beaten. Whether you visit the Botanical Gardens, and there are several to choose from, or simply walk through the town, the exotic flora is rich, gaudy and vivid. The “Bird of Paradise Flower” is so lifelike you will not believe it cannot fly.

La Palma is one of the smaller and less well known islands of the Canaries. For such a small land mass it has a varied landscape of black sand volcanic beaches and diverse plant life to intrigue and fascinate discerning visitors.

Whale watching excursions are possible off the shores of all the islands. The anticipation of the majestic creatures surfacing is heightened when you hear the mystical blow and feel the spray when they come up for air. Dolphins too swim in the waters and seem to frolic and play when they have an appreciative audience.


Because of their strategic location when crossing the Atlantic in search of the New World, both the Azores and the Canaries were important stopovers during these times of maritime discovery. The Spanish and Portuguese were most acquisitive during the 16th century and laid claim to the islands.


Nature and all her gifts are the backdrop to the culture of all these islands. There is a sincere appreciation of its beauty in the land and seascape. When you cruise to the islands of the Atlantic, you will experience local hospitality from the moment you dock. You will find cosy local bars next to smart upscale restaurants, both serving mouth watering food.


With so much coast line it is not surprising that fish and seafood are staples of the diet. Fresh and local are the only rules. The land as well as the sea offer rich bounties in the refreshing and reviving fruit and delicious salads of plump tomatoes and rich, creamy local cheeses.

  • Lanzarote's volcanic landscape
  • Tenerife's rugged mountains
  • La Palma Tour
  • Gran Canaria at night
  • Ponta Delgada
  • Gran Canaria Tour


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Canary Islands Cruises

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Wonderful places to visit

The Canary Islands’ diverse landscapes include black sand beaches, cloud forests and towering sand dunes.


Appreciated for its year-round warm weather, beaches and volcanic landscape, Lanzarote was designated a Biosphere Reserve in 1993.


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