Wheelchairs & mobility scooters.

All ships in our fleet can cater for the needs of those who are dependent on a wheelchair or scooter for mobility issues, including specially adapted staterooms with wide access doors, lower placed sinks, units and hand rails.

Mobility scooters.

Mobility scooters will only be permitted on board if guests have booked an accessible stateroom, or selected suite.  A list of suitable staterooms can be found in the accessible stateroom section. The policy applies to all scooter makes and models to ensure a consistent approach. Mobility scooters must be declared at the time of booking, or as soon as the need is known; otherwise your scooter may be denied boarding. 

If you are taking a mobility scooter on board in an approved stateroom, please ensure you have checked the stateroom door width as the scooter must be able to fit through to enable it to be stored safely so as not to impede a safe evacuation. Details of stateroom door widths can be found in the accessible stateroom section.

Cunard defines a mobility scooter as a three- or four-wheeled electrical or battery powered scooter designed for a person with restricted mobility. Motorized wheelchairs, customized machines for full-time disabled persons and manual collapsible wheelchairs are not included within the definition for the term “mobility scooters.” 

Please note that we can only accept gel, dry cell, sealed lead acid or lithium-Ion battery operated mobility scooters on board and segways, trikes or any similar non-standard aids to mobility will not be permitted. Your scooter does not need to be PAT tested (electrical tested) before embarkation. However, if for any reason a mobility scooter needs to be tested, the electrical team will contact you once on board to carry out a PAT test and you will be informed of the result afterwards.

All scooters and electric wheelchairs can be charged in your stateroom when not in use. The electricity supply on board all of our ships is 60Hz/220V/110V. It is important that you contact the manufacturer or supplier of your mobility scooter prior to embarkation to ensure that the equipment is safe to use at 60Hz and the voltage is compatible. This is to ensure that the equipment does not become damaged or has its performance affected.

All mobility scooters must be stored inside your stateroom when not in use, they cannot be left outside your stateroom.  When using your mobility scooter on board it is of the utmost importance for your safety, and the safety of others on board that you drive at a safe speed. Raised door thresholds are present throughout the ship which need to be negotiated with care and you may find the layout of the ship narrower than you are used to. When in public areas please ensure your mobility scooter is clear of any exits or fire doors. The ship’s staff will be on hand in these areas to offer guidance on where to safely leave your scooter. Please also pay careful attention when backing in and out of lifts as they are often in close proximity to the staircase which may be narrow and difficult to negotiate. 

Our mobility scooter policies and procedures comply with all applicable ship safety and disability/equality legislation, including the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. We aim to offer our services to all disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility subject to applicable safety requirements and within the parameters of each ship design, port infrastructure and equipment.


Collapsible wheelchairs are welcome on board in any of our staterooms. Wheelchair users are advised to occupy an accessible stateroom, but if you wish to travel in a non-accessible stateroom and do not require the facilities of an accessible stateroom, your wheelchair must be collapsible and when collapsed must not exceed a width of 20 inches (51 cms), weight of 99 lbs (45 kgs), with no individual piece to weigh more than 44 lbs (20 kgs).

Please note that we can only accept gel, dry cell or lithium-Ion battery operated wheelchairs on board.

If you are taking a non-collapsible manual or electric wheelchair please ensure you have checked the stateroom door width as the wheelchair must be able to fit through to enable it to be stored in your stateroom when not in use. Please note that guests bringing a collapsible wheelchair in a standard stateroom will be required to fold the wheelchair prior to entering. Access to the en suite in a standard stateroom is via a raised threshold and a step is required to enter the bath/shower.

If you require the use of a non-standard mobility aid please discuss this with us as some devices are not suitable for on board use.

Wheelchair and mobility scooter storage.

All mobility scooters, wheelchairs and other aids to mobility must be stored inside your stateroom when not in use, they cannot be left outside your stateroom door. Public walkways and stairwells must be kept clear in case of an emergency. Unfortunately we are unable to offer alternative storage for any mobility equipment and we may ask you to disembark if your personal mobility equipment will not fit in your stateroom.

There are wheelchair spaces in our theatres and other entertainment venues for the use of full-time wheelchair users and their companions which are allocated on a first come first served basis.