Medical equipment and services.

If you have been diagnosed with a new medical condition since you made your booking please contact our medical department with full details of this via email at or call (800) 728-6273.

Please ensure you have adequate medical insurance before you travel.

It is a booking condition to have fully comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for all pre-existing medical conditions. We recommend you discuss your travel itinerary with your GP/consultant so that they can confirm your fitness to travel.

If you are flying with a scheduled airline you may be asked to contact the airline directly to discuss your individual needs.

Medical equipment.

We allow for the use of a variety of medical devices on board, please see specific details for each item below.

Electrical medical equipment.

If you need to bring electrical medical equipment on board, you must notify our Customer Service Department, who will send you a medical/mobility questionnaire to complete. Please complete this with full details.

It’s important that all equipment is carried on board in your hand luggage so that they can be PAT tested (electronic supply safety test) as soon as you arrive on board. Please visit reception to arrange this. Please note that you are required to bring your own extension lead as these will not be supplied on board.

CPAP machines.

CPAP machines will only be accepted onboard for the management of sleep apnoea. Please advise us if you plan to bring one with you onboard at the time of booking by contacting our Customer Service Department.

If you are flying to meet your ship then medical clearance is not required for the carriage or use of CPAP machines; however, some airlines may have restrictions regarding the make and model of the device. Please contact our Flights Department on 800 728 6273 to notify us if you are taking a CPAP machine on your flight. Not all airlines have a suitable power outlet so you should ensure that you travel with a sufficient supply of batteries to last the entire journey (including transit and unexpected delays).

We would suggest that CPAP machines are carried in your hand luggage so that they can be PAT tested (electronic supply safety test) as soon as you arrive on board. Please visit reception to arrange this. Please note that you are required to bring your own extension lead as these will not be supplied on board.


If you have a pacemaker you will still be able to travel. However, it is important to note that they can be affected by the security scanners at ports and airports. Therefore, it is advisable to travel with an official letter from your doctor which should be shown at security. This will mean you will not have to pass through the scanners; instead, a member of staff will escort you through the security process.


If you are taking needles for medical purposes, we can provide a medical sharps box upon request. Please contact our Customer Service Department or your local travel advisor to request a sharps box in your stateroom.

Colostomy bags.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide colostomy bags on board. However, we are able to provide clinical waste bags for their disposal.

Please ensure that all clinical waste is appropriately wrapped and placed in the bin in your stateroom bathroom. Additional red bags are available on request from your steward. Please note that soluble pouches must not be flushed into the plumbing systems on board our ships.

Medical center.

We have a medical center on board each of our ships which offers a range of facilities. All doctors and nurses are fully qualified and trained to assist in emergency situations on board.

Medical centers are located in the following areas on each ship:

  • Queen Mary 2 - Deck 1 
  • Queen Elizabeth - Deck A (below deck 1)
  • Queen Victoria - Deck A (below deck 1).

Costs for services from the medical center can vary and visits may include consultation periods. An approximate guide for services is around $96 USD (this figure may vary depending on exchange rates).

We have a small range of over-the-counter medications available for purchase from the shops on board each ship, such as Paracetamol and seasickness tablets. Our medical center is able to supply more specific medication.

Medical dressing changes.

If you require your medical dressings to be changed we can accommodate this, this will incur a charge which will be charged to your onboard account.

For example, a simple dressing will cost you approximately $27.83 USD plus supplies. An advanced dressing will cost you approximately $50 USD. These prices may be subject to a consultation fee depending on your requirements. Bringing your own supplies will help lower the cost.  Please ensure you bring a care or dressing plan detailing your dressing requirements, which can normally be provided by your GP or nurse.

Please note that not all of our nurses are trained to apply pressure/compression bandaging as this is a specialist procedure. If you require this type of dressing change then you will need to contact our medical team via email with full details of your request.


The medical center and spa on board can help combat the effects of sea sickness.

We offer the following on board:

  • Anti-seasickness tablets (travelers herbal tablets) which are available from the onboard shop
  • Tablets (Avomine) are available through the reception desk and medical center
  • A seasickness injection (Promathezine) is available from the medical center - this treatment cannot be pre-booked
  • Wristbands are available from the onboard shop
  • Acupuncture is available at the spa.