Dubai cruises

Dubai is a city that exudes glitz and glamour. Home to impressive claims to fame (the world’s deepest diving pool among them) this gleaming metropolis is a sensory playground, where beach-fronted skyscrapers glitter in the ever-present sunshine.

Dubai cruises 2024 and 2025

Test your nerve on an edge-walk - tethered to one of the city’s towering skyscrapers - or admire the dancing jets of its colourful Dubai Fountain. Sunshine, shopping, and shawarma. Dubai dares you to step outside your comfort zone, while immersing you in Emirati culture.

Dubai cruise highlights

Souks that sing with spices. Pools that defy gravity. Dubai will satisfy your senses like nowhere else on earth. A city where rollercoasters inhabit shopping malls and restaurants sit underwater, Dubai takes imagination to another level. If you’ve ever wanted to dine surrounded by sharks or ski in the desert, you’re in the right place. Dubai allows you to experience the past, present, and future all in one day, with innovative museums, centuries-old buildings, and unparalleled attractions.

Experience everything Dubai has to offer

One thing you can be sure of: Dubai doesn’t do things by halves. Holder of more World Records than any other city (339 at the time of writing), a cruise here unlocks experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Dive into world-class malls (with more than shops to tempt you) or take a virtual trip through time at the Museum of the Future. As contemporary as customary, experiencing the wonders of Dubai makes for a fascinating visit.

Shore Experiences in Dubai

If you’re hoping for a holiday to remember, look no further than Dubai. A city that thrives on thrills, high-octane experiences are a Dubai specialty. Flyboarding. Skydiving. Edge-walking. It’s all on offer. You could ride a rollercoaster in the morning and paraglide in the afternoon. Dining in Dubai is equally exciting, with gastronomic experiences that defy imagination. Then there’s the desert, offering the chance to sip Arabic coffee in a Bedouin tent or scale sand dunes on a 4x4 safari.

Dubai destinations and ports of call

Cruising the UAE also opens up some impressive sailing routes, from Ports in Southeast Asia and Australia to Europe, where some of the world’s oldest cities lie in wait. Then there’s the chance to cross the Atlantic, trading Dubai’s shimmering skyscrapers for the bright lights of Southampton.


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