Our guide to Future Cruise Credit and using it online.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about making a booking on Cunard.com using a Future Cruise Credit (FCC).

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What is Future Cruise Credit (FCC)?

An FCC is a credit for fare balances that you have already paid towards a voyage. All guests with voyages canceled by Cunard will automatically receive an FCC worth an additional 25% of the standard deposit terms and 100% of any additional monies paid.

Using your FCC.

Your FCC can be redeemed online against any booking made before December 31, 2021, for any voyage on sale at the time of booking.

For more information about what an FCC can be redeemed against and a few scenarios when it cannot be used, visit this section of the FCC guide.

Your FCC and Cunard World Club (CWC) membership number.

FCC available to you is linked to your account by your unique CWC number. You will find your CWC number on booking correspondence from any previous voyage(s). CWC numbers consist of 9 to 10 digits and may be followed by a letter.

Where will my FCC deduction be shown on my booking?

Your FCC deduction will be applied to your booking when you enter your CWC number at the relevant stage of the booking process.

Adding additional guests with FCC to your booking.

To add an additional guest to your booking, who also wishes to redeem an FCC, simply input their CWC number(s) on the relevant passenger Guest Details page. Additional guest FCC balances will be deducted on the Payment page.

Remaining FCC balances.

If your FCC balance is greater than the cost of your chosen voyage, your remaining FCC balance will be retained for use towards another voyage.

What can/can't an FCC be used for?

What can an FCC be used for?

Booking a voyage: Your Future Cruise Credit can be used to book a future voyage (or voyages) with Cunard. Your FCC can be redeemed against any booking made before December 31, 2021, for any voyage on sale at that time.

Upgrading an existing booking: If you have a future voyage booked with us already, you can use your FCC to upgrade your booking. Swap your Britannia Balcony for a Queens Grill Suite.

What can't an FCC be used for?

Paying your deposit: Where the cost of the voyage is more than the available FCC, the FCC is deducted from the total cost before the deposit due is calculated, unless full balance is due (if within 90 days of departure*).

Additional flights: Your FCC cannot be used to book additional flights under Cunard CompleteAir. Additional flights will be charged separately.

Shore excursions and land tours: We work with third parties to help organize our acclaimed shore excursions and land tours. Unfortunately FCC cannot be redeemed against these excursions.

*Please note, for voyages departing through December 31, 2021 this is reduced to 30 days.

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