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Delight in the fresh ocean breeze while sipping on your beverage of choice at this open-air bar.

Offering one of Queen Mary 2’s best vantage points, the Terrace Bar brings an atmosphere reminiscent of an elegant garden party. Here, you’ll find plenty of sun loungers and space to mingle with fellow guests, as well as an outstanding view of the surrounding ocean.

Whether you're celebrating the beginning of your adventure or simply seeking refreshment as you lounge in the sun, the extensive bar menu has a drink to match your mood. Make a toast with a glass of champagne, try a fresh and fruity cocktail, or sip on a chilled soft drink to stay cool on a warm day.

The Terrace Bar is a popular spot on board, especially when departing from some of the world’s most iconic ports. Imagine gazing out at remarkable views of the Manhattan skyline, or watching in awe as you sail through the majestic Norwegian fjords.

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