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Succumb to the charms of this magical, light-filled bar, with its scintillating views from the bow of your ship.

Inspired by legendary Cunard Commodores who have expertly captained our fleet over the years, this charming bar offers an ideal setting in which to enjoy an early-evening aperitif or an after-dinner nightcap.

Savour the sweeping views across the horizon as you sip on a cocktail, a classic fine wine, or a premium aged whisky, prepared with signature flair and served at your table.

Visiting at golden hour brings the promise of vibrant orange and pink-streaked sky as the sun sets over the ocean - arrive early to secure a window-side table - while clear nights may reveal a star or two glimmering in the distance.

Those stopping in before dinner will be treated to a complimentary selection of canapés with their drink; just one of many little surprises you’ll experience throughout your ship, while evenings come alive against the soothing sounds of a live pianist.

The pièce de resistance, however, is the collection of cocktails inspired by seven of our most decorated Commodores; each with its own intriguing backstory.

From the quintessential British notes of Land of Hop & Glory, inspired by Commodore Sir Cyril Illingworth, to the Commodore’s Cure, a tribute to Commodore Sir James Bisset, these unique concoctions are as legendary as the men they serve to honor.

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