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A Full World Cruise remains one of the world's great travel experiences.

Lasting from 89 to 132 night a Cunard World Voyage represents one of life’s great travel adventures. The magic of travelling among the world’s iconic destinations on board some of the world’s most luxurious ships simply cannot be matched.

It's a vacation choice that offers the opportunity to explore everything from bustling metropolises to remote villages over the course of more than three months, all from the comfort of your ship.

Our three Queens all set sail in January, bound for different parts of the globe - each promising an unforgettable journey that will take in many of the world's most iconic destinations. To spend three months or more seeking out incredible places always creates a reason for excitement. Along the way on each of our World Cruises, you'll encounter extraordinary destinations like San Francisco, Hong Kong, the Great Barrier Reef and many other fascinating destinations.

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  • Barcelona - Gaudi Tour
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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  • Pyramids of Egypt
  • Hong Kong bay

2017 World Voyage Itinerary Highlights

  • Queen Mary 2 <br>World Voyage

    Queen Mary 2
    World Voyage

    Queen Mary 2’s epic circuit captures the imagination on each of the four continents she showcases. It is a route which strikes a harmonious balance between utter relaxation and thrilling discovery. Ten of her 42 calls are maiden visits, which means nearly a quarter of her ports of call will welcome her for the very first time.

    118 nights itinerary:
    • 40 ports in 22 countries
    •10 maiden calls 
    • 3 overnight stays - Cape Town, Singapore, Dubai

  • Queen Elizabeth <br>World Voyage

    Queen Elizabeth
    World Voyage

    Queen Elizabeth’s circumnavigation leads you west over the Atlantic to the Americas, the first stop of your classic world voyage. You’ll then cross the Pacific towards New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Ahead lies the natural beauty of southern Africa before you return to Southampton.

    120 nights itinerary:
    • 40 ports in 25 countries
    • 4 maiden calls 
    • 4 overnight stays - New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Cape Town

  • Queen Victoria World Voyage

    Queen Victoria World Voyage

    Queen Victoria’s World Voyage will take you to the far side of the globe and home, for a leisurely adventure that places South America and New Zealand into the spotlight. It is a discovery that acquaints you with grand cities, dense jungle and friendly islands scattered across the Pacific.

    120 nights itinerary:
    • 33 ports in 17 countries
    • 2 maiden calls
    • 3 overnight stays - Fort Lauderdale, Sydney, San Francisco

2018 World Voyage Itinerary Highlights

  • Queen Mary 2 <br>Full World Voyage

    Queen Mary 2
    Full World Voyage

    • 120-night roundtrip from Southampton circumnavigation to Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Suez Canal.

    • Overnight stays in Cape Town, Hong Kong and Dubai.

    • Visit 45 ports in 23 countries.

    • Maiden calls in Dunedin, New Zealand  and Tauranga.

    • Scenic cruising in Milford Sound, Doubtful SoundDusky Sound, Suez Canal and Messina Strait.

  • Queen Elizabeth <br> Full World Voyage

    Queen Elizabeth
    Full World Voyage

    • 122-night westbound circumnavigation via the Panama Canal, Asia and South Africa.

    • Overnight stays in New York,  San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong and 
    Cape Town.

    • Visits 39 ports in 25 countries.

    • Maiden calls in Hamilton, Ocho Rios, Puerto Quetzal, Mo’orea, Kochi and Malacca.

    • Scenic cruising in the Panama Canal, Kanmon Straits and Inland Sea.

  • Full World Voyages from USA

    Full World Voyages from USA

    • Queen Mary 2 134 nights roundtrip
    from New York

    • Queen Elizabeth 112 nights from
    New York to Southampton

    • Queen Elizabeth 109 nights from
    Fort Lauderdale to Southampton

    • Queen Elizabeth 93 nights from
    San Francisco to Southampton

2016 World Voyages Brochure

Our 2016 World Voyage brochure highlights the captivating itineraries of Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria & Queen Mary 2 Full World Voyages and Segment Cruises. Discover the perfect voyage as you explore our 68-page brochure complete with port highlights and a fold-out Full World Voyage map off the back and more. 

World Cruises