Preparing for a world cruise

Preparing for a world cruise, whether a full World Voyage or a shorter sector, is an exciting experience. From booking your suite to reviewing your itinerary, the start of your adventure has never been simpler.

Required documents for a world cruise

When you book your world cruise or sector, there are a few key tasks you can undertake to get your cruise preparation off to a great start.

Your world cruise essentials

When it comes to packing for your world cruise, there are several factors to take into consideration. Each port of call is different, and you may encounter both hot and cold climates. You’ll also need to think about your onboard options for daytime and nighttime. Many guests choose to create a capsule wardrobe, pairing staple clothing items that can be easily layered and interchanged for efficient outfits in every destination.

Here’s a list of some key staples to consider packing for your world cruise:
  • a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in;
  • a warm coat;
  • a lightweight, waterproof jacket;
  • swimwear;
  • shorts and skirts;
  • T-shirts and blouses;
  • workout clothing (if you wish to use the gym);
  • formal attire, including shoes;
  • flip-flops;
  • a caftan or cover-up; and
  • a cardigan or light jacket.

Researching your world cruise destinations

Each port of call on a world cruise, or sector, carries with it its own unique cultural flavor, with countless sights to see, things to do, and cuisines to sample.

Our world cruise voyages offer late-night departures or overnight stays in order for customers to make the most of their time in ports. Make a note of any sights, restaurants, or other significant experiences that are unmissable to you on your trip. Once you have booked your cruise, you will be able to view your port guides and Shore Experiences within My Cunard.

Whether you choose books, websites, or social media, there’s plenty of information and recommendations out there about ports all over the world. Our destination page is a great place to start.

Count down to your voyage

Twelve months before you sail

  • Arrange travel insurance.
  • Check your passport and apply for a new passport if needed.
  • Reserve any onboard events and any Shore Experiences via My Cunard.

Six months before you sail

  • Check the visa and immunization requirements for your ports of call and apply for any visas as needed.
  • Research any additional travel arrangements and transfers you may need.
  • Book flights if necessary.

Three months before you sail

  • Review your medication requirements and make sure you order any prescriptions you will need while on your world cruise.
  • Organize home care or pet care if needed.

One month before you sail

  • Begin to organize your cruise luggage and shop items you might need to pack.
  • Arrange airport transfers if necessary.
  • Complete and submit any forms required by your cruise provider.
  • Make sure you have your cruise luggage tags.
  • Research and book any dining or beverage packages for on board as well as any specialty dining or spa experiences you’d like.

Two weeks before you sail

  • Make a copy of your passport and print it along with your itinerary, flight information, travel insurance details, purchased internet packages, and contact information.
  • Contact your bank or credit card providers to inform them you will be traveling.

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