Staying connected on board.

During your voyage, you will want to stay in touch with friends and family, read books, or watch movies on your phone, tablet or computer, just as you would at home.

All of our ships are equipped with Wi-Fi* and you will be able to purchase an internet package before you sail or once you are on board. Your cell phone should work well at sea** and you will find a phone in your stateroom. 

In order to get the most from your devices, and make your digital life on board as seamless as possible, we suggest following these simple steps.

  1. Memorize or save your passwords. All of your online accounts will have passwords – some may be securely saved on your device. Make sure that you have all the passwords you are likely to need – and remember, capital letters do matter. We do not recommend writing down or typing out passwords.

  2. Update your contact information. Many email websites will ask to verify your identity if they do not recognize where you are logging in from. This is to protect your account from unauthorized access. Depending on your provider, they may send you a code in a text message and/or an email to an alternative email address. You will have provided these details when you set up the account; please ensure that they are up to date so that you can access text messages or emails from the ship if necessary. You may also have to answer a security question.

  3. Set up your email. If access to your email is critical, or you run your own email server, we recommend setting up an alternative global account and forwarding  your email there for the duration of your voyage. Providers like Gmail or Outlook (others are available) are ideal. Email apps will not always work with our systems on board, so please ensure that you can access the web-based version of your email provider.

  4. Notify your phone network provider that you are going on a cruise. Our data travels around the globe, which can make you appear to be using your device in a number of unusual places. This may cause issues with your network provider, so it’s best to let them know before you leave.

  5. Update your phone before you travel. We recommend you check for any device or app updates before you travel, and then back up your device. Although it is possible to do this on board, it may take longer.

  6. Download content before you get on board. Our ships’ systems can struggle with larger files, so content like movies or music is best downloaded before you travel – most streaming websites offer the ability to save content to your device. Take note of any expiration dates. If you use a Kindle, please make sure you have updated it and that you have downloaded everything you will need for your vacation before you get on board – unfortunately, most Kindles are not compatible with our systems.

Planning your voyage.

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*Wi-Fi may be slower at sea when compared to terrestrial connectivity. Geographical location, weather, and the number of users using the system can have an impact on connectivity speed.

**Please confirm maritime roaming capability with your network provider.