Hong Kong, China cruises

Contradiction is part of Hong Kong’s attraction. While the city buzzes with modern commerce, soaring skyscrapers and sophistication, it remains a place of ancient beliefs and intriguing local customs.

Your guide to Hong Kong.

Few cities balance old and new like Hong Kong. A city as fiercely modern as it is traditional, life here pulses with vigor and vitality while still honoring ancient customs and beliefs. Market traders hawk steaming dumplings on neon-lit streets. Sacred temples stand in the shadow of skyscrapers and luxury boutiques populate glossy shopping centers. Contradiction is all part of Hong Kong’s appeal, the city’s dynamic personality a complementary blend of Chinese and British influences. Heralded as one of the world’s foremost culinary, cultural and commercial capitals, a port call here provides myriad ways to satisfy your stomach, your senses and your suitcase.


Hong Kong buzzes with grand galleries, thriving art complexes and auspicious temples. Retreat among the city’s parks, or travel back to the time of tea houses and Cantonese opera. Hong Kong's rich history and contemporary flair shine through in Tai Kwun Center, a fascinating and forward-thinking arts complex. Kowloon Park, with its two-tiered lotus pond and basking terrapins, provides the perfect refuge from city life while climbing Victoria Peak reveals spectacular city views. Finally, pay a visit to the incense-infused Man Mo Temple. This sacred tribute to the Gods of War and Literature has welcomed worshippers in Hong Kong since the 19th century.

Eating and drinking.

A true culinary capital, Hong Kong is home to over sixty Michelin-starred restaurants, countless traditional eateries and an abundance of street food vendors. The city’s ever-growing coffee scene also has plenty to offer, including top-of-the-line java and accomplished latte art. Stop in for dim sum at one of many contemporary restaurants or seek out traditional Sichuan dishes that evoke the romance of old Beijing. Whether you’re sipping cocktails from a rooftop bar in Kowloon or browsing the countless smoldering food stalls at Temple Street’s atmospheric Night Market, Hong Kong is an explosion of fragrance, color and flavor.


Shopping in Hong Kong is a thrilling experience. The city is home to countless specialty markets as well as world-class retail centers. Of the former, the Ladies' Market is one of the most popular in the city, bustling with clothing and footwear stalls. Jade Market (as you might anticipate) specializes in jade jewelry, while Stanley Market is renowned for its Chinese handicrafts. Times Square Mall (inspired by its New York namesake) and Pacific Place are both gargantuan shopping plazas, while Landmark is considered Hong Kong’s Holy Grail of designer shopping, boasting an affluent blend of high-end labels and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Beyond Hong Kong.

Venture beyond Hong Kong to the stunning metropolis of Macau, the small fishing village of Tai O or Tian Tan Buddha. Like its U.S counterpart, Macau is a casino capital with bright lights and glitzy hotels that echo the Las Vegas strip. The city is a world away from Tai O on Lantau Island, where fishermen live a humble existence in stilt houses straddling the water. While on Lantau, be sure to see Tian Tan Buddha (commonly known as Big Buddha). A glass-bottomed cable car will transport you to the summit, and the views on the way up are worth the trip alone.