Winter cruises.

Embrace the sparkling wintery scenes that await in the Northern Europe or go in search of a little sunshine in the Mediterranean. Whatever you choose, escape, even just for a few days, on a winter cruise.

Winter cruises 2022 - 2023.

Whether you revisit some familiar destinations, or find yourself discovering somewhere new, sail the world in sublime comfort and style on a Cunard Queen.

Winter cruises 2023 - 2024.

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of an upcoming voyage. When you know where you’ll be sailing, you can start planning everything from your must-try local cuisine and must-see sights, to how you want to spend your time on board.

Winter cruise destinations.

With itineraries that include destinations all over the world, find a sailing that offers everything you’re looking for. Wherever you end up, each day will bring untold possibilities, including the exquisite freedom to simply lay back, cocktail in hand, knowing there’s nowhere else you need to be.

Northern Europe.

From an array of breath-taking parks and canals in Sweden, to dramatic Scandinavian landscapes across Denmark and Norway, embrace the multitude of opportunities for exploration in Northern Europe’s medieval cities.

Canary Islands.

The warm climates of the Canary Islands await on a winter cruise in this part of the world that can only be described as alluring. Explore volcanic plains, colorful flora and fauna, and stargaze when you’re not relaxing under the sun on one of the islands’ postcard-perfect beaches.


The warm shallows of island seas beckon in the Caribbean, where culture, cuisine, and landscapes await your exploration. From fiery fish fries in Barbados, to the looming Pitons that dominate St Lucia, each day brings new opportunities to discover the character that these islands are known for.

World cruises.

Call a Cunard Queen your home as you travel the world in style, exploring enticing destinations as you sail. Find yourself retracing the routes of bygone explorers, taking in iconic sights from the Panama Canal and Sydney Opera House to the palm-fringed beaches of the Caribbean.

Western Europe.

From the medieval streets of France and Germany to Spain and Portugal’s iconic culinary scenes, opportunities for cultural exploration abound on the shores of Western Europe. You could also choose a British Isles sailing, taking in famous landmarks and contemporary museums along the way.

Transatlantic Crossings.

Why cross the Atlantic in seven hours, when you can sail it in seven days? A Transatlantic crossing with Cunard is as iconic now as it has ever been. It brings a chance to escape the world and enjoy an altogether different world on board a Cunard Queen, spending each day exactly as you wish.

Australia and New Zealand.

Discover a world of extraordinary landscapes, unforgettable wildlife, and unique history in Australia and New Zealand. Explore the enigmatic Great Barrier Reef and learn about indigenous cultures, or perhaps simply soak up the scenery, from white sugar sand beaches to otherworldly forests.

Short winter cruise breaks.

Should you be craving a little time away, free of your everyday responsibilities, perhaps choose a short winter cruise. Enjoy some ‘me’ time on your Cunard Queen, whether that means spending each day exploring destinations and listening to Insight talks, or perhaps simply relaxing on your balcony with some complimentary room service. Browse a selection of voyages from 1 to 5 nights.

Winter cruises from New York.

Remove the hassle of flying from your vacation by choosing a winter cruise from New York. This historic port is your gateway to the world, with plenty of itineraries and destinations to choose from. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of no luggage limit* when you cruise from New York.

*While you’re welcome to bring as many pieces of luggage as you’d like, we ask that no individual piece weighs more than 50lbs, to ensure safe handling by our crew.

Sail with our four Queens.