An inside look at Queen Anne

To celebrate Cunard's 183rd birthday, we’re unveiling an intricate new image of Queen Anne that celebrates our rich history and pays homage to our iconic art deco style cutaway posters.

The playful tip of the hat to the past 183 years of Cunard was sketched by Polish artist Dominik Bulka. Established favorite venues like the Golden Lion and brand-new Queen Anne exclusive spaces like the exciting Bright Lights Society show bar are featured in the new image, but there’s plenty of light-hearted references to Cunard’s history to discover too.

Read on to find some of the highlights of this stunning work, and to discover some of the beautiful on board venues we have revealed thus far.

Jimmy the hippo
In 1963 Cunard transported a very special guest, Jimmy the Hippo, from Naples to Chester Zoo. He traveled on deck with an awning over his cage and received regular cold showers.

The cellar
On board Queen Elizabeth 327 bottles of champagne, 297 bottles of red wine and 327 bottles of white wine are consumed every day. Here’s to raising a glass on board Queen Anne – cheers!

Captain Inger
At the helm of Queen Anne will be Captain Inger Klein Thorhauge, Cunard’s first ever female captain. She recently celebrated 25 years of service and has also been Captain of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth.

Enough tea is consumed each year on Cunard’s fleet to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool. On board Queen Anne guests will be able to enjoy this Cunard signature in a reimagined Queens Room.

Coming soon on Queen Anne is a new entertainment space – the Bright Lights Society. This exhilarating show bar is inspired by bold electric light installations.

The Cunard Queens boast some of the liveliest nightclubs at sea. Did you know that in G32 on board Queen Mary 2 and the Yacht Club on board Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth guests can enjoy a silent disco?

Did you know the premiere of The Greatest Showman took place on Queen Mary 2 in 2017? This was the first time a Hollywood movie premiere had taken place on a passenger ship.

Dogs and cats
Although Queen Anne won’t carry pets, Queen Mary 2 ensures four-legged friends travel in as much style as their owners. There are 24 kennels, space to play and an owner’s lounge, and even a British lamppost from the Cunard building in Liverpool and a New York City fire hydrant to prevent homesickness!

Famous faces
Many famous faces have traveled with Cunard over the years, including Sir Winston Churchill, David Bowie, Ed Sheeran and Elizabeth Taylor.

Since 1930 Cunard red bellhops have been synonymous with Cunard’s fleet and are always there to welcome our guests on board.

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