Take your seats...

In a first for Cunard, discover Bright Lights Society on board Queen Anne, an exhilarating new show bar inspired by historic, bold electric light installations and colors. Here you are invited to share an evening of wonder up close, in the hands of a witty and charismatic host.

Setting the scene

An evening at Bright Lights Society is about more than just watching a performance. Before even stepping into the glittering corridor, there’s a sense of something exciting about to unfold – an exclusive experience, only to be seen by those in the know.

A spectacle of light

The name and design of Bright Lights Society honors Cunard’s heritage as the first to bring electric lights to the launch of a new ocean liner, and brings a sense of glamor to proceedings.

As you step inside the venue, shimmering metallics catch the glint of the iconic light bulbs that stretch overhead, and shocks of electric blue throughout give a bold, contemporary touch. Our design balances opulence with liveliness, and creates a feeling of a revitalized past – the perfect setting for a night to remember.

Electric and eclectic

Enjoy an evening of intimate entertainment. A whirlwind of activity. Captivated, you’ll quickly feel the electric buzz in the air, and step into the center of the action.

Corks pop, champagne flows, glasses almost overfill, and laughter crackles through the air. Will you reach for a glass of fizz at the bar? Or perhaps a signature cocktail, brightened with a squeeze of citrus?

Follow our lead

Then, work your way through the room to find your seat.

In a first for Cunard, Bright Lights Society is a hosted experience. As you sit back, an enigmatic personality emerges from the wings, taking center stage. They hold court amongst the evening’s guests, while bringing the most eye-catching and breath-taking acts into the spotlight.

No two nights the same

Variety is the name of the game at Bright Lights Society. Our venue is bubbling over with a whirlwind of entertainment, with unexpected performers and dazzling musicians taking the stage and commanding the room - all almost within touching distance.

Wide-eyed and filled with wonder

When the performances are over and the applause dies down, the music kicks back in and everyone rises to their feet. The floor is yours, and your evening has only just begun.

Bright Lights Society doesn’t shy away from extravagance – it electrifies it.

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