Cruises to South America.

Around this vibrant continent, you’ll find desert, jungle, mountains and glaciers, and some truly legendary cities. This continent of sprawling cities and colonial towns is balanced by huge swathes of wilderness. Culture, traditions, cuisines and dialects vary greatly making a cruise an ideal way to compare them.


It appears that we’re not sailing to this destination at present. While we await the launch of our new itineraries, please browse our exciting range of voyages and destinations.


South America cruise routes.

Stops in the Caribbean and Florida precede your arrival in South America. Discover Argentine tango in Buenos Aires, sail through Chile’s Beagle Channel and savor fresh ceviche in Peru.

Cruise destinations from Fort Lauderdale.

Deep dive into Brazil to discover the Amazon and the Rio Carnival. Explore colorful Cartagena, cruise by Cape Horn in Chile, or enjoy a glass of Malbec in Argentina.

Cruise destinations from South America.

Travel from Brazil to Chile, via Cape Horn, with a port call in Montevideo. Or swap South America’s shores for Fort Lauderdale and medieval ruins in southern England.

Cruise destinations from Southampton.

Discover Argentine tango in Buenos Aires, sail through Chile’s Beagle Channel and savour fresh ceviche in Peru.

Cruise destinations from Hamburg.

Take a cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain, indulge in Brazilian Brigadeiro (chocolate truffles) or discover Argentina, birthplace of Ava Peron and Che Guevara, on a South America cruise from Hamburg.

Our exciting South America destinations.

Vibrant rainforest, icy glaciers and crumbling colonial towns. South America thrives with spirit, soul and passion. A continent abundant with natural wonder, where life beats to its own drum.

Be inspired.

Explore our favourite destinations and our recommendations for your time on board with our inspirational articles. From the history and colour of Rio de Janeiro to the relaxation of our water-inspired Mareel Spa, there is something for everyone on a Cunard voyage.

Waves of wellbeing.

As the sea-inspired Mareel® Wellness & Beauty holistic spa is welcomed on Cunard cruises, we explore how the ocean can bring health benefits to mind, body and soul.

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Radiant Rio.

With delicious cuisines, stunning scenery and its famous carnival atmosphere, Rio has new delights waiting around every corner.

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Raising the chocolate bar.

Join us as we celebrate the world's most famous sweet treat with a special Cunard cake recipe from our Executive Chef.

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