Panama Canal and Central America Shore Experiences

Explore wild jungles, white sandy beaches and ancient temples with our range of Central American Shore Experiences.

For wildlife lovers

Central America is home to tropical mangrove forests, steamy highlands, and breathtaking reefs. Home to some of the most biodiverse habitats in the world, there are myriad ways to experience local flora and fauna with our special experiences.

For unforgettable views

Take a tour from some of our favorite ports to get the perfect picture. From mountaintop viewpoints to tall tree walks through humid jungles, these experiences are perfect for budding photographers, or those who simply want their breath taken away by the views.

For a taste of local life

History, fashion, music, food: all elements of local culture are on display and awaiting you with our special cultural experiences. From tours to take in all the local highlights to visits to plantations, museums or famous historic spots, you'll be hard pushed to find a choice that doesn't pique your interest.

For an exhilarating experience

Take a boat ride along a jungle river. Snorkel among sea turtles and shipwrecks. Take a 4x4 ride up a mountainside, and look down at the views below. These experiences are for the more active and thrill-seeking explorers, and each one offers a unique way to see your destination.

Panama Canal

A transit through the Panama Canal is a globally-renowned cruising experience. Though not a Shore Experience, as the ship currently doesn't call into port along the canal, this cruise-by is well worth the journey.

Apart from the ever-changing scenery, the Canal includes gigantic locks either side of Gatun Lake. Here your ship will rise to, or drop from, 85 feet above sea level. All in all the Canal runs for 40 miles, taking between 8 and 10 hours, instead of weeks traveling the treacherous and lengthy route around Cape Horn.

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Explore Panama Canal and Central America

Natural treasures

Central America is home to an abundance of natural beauty and ancient history. Join us as we explore tropical rainforests and marine wildlife, and discover manmade feats such as jungle temples and the famous Panama Canal.

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Central America destinations

Explore the many ports and destinations you could visit on your Cunard cruise, from the sapphire waters of Costa Maya, Mexico to the Creole culture and jungle temples of Belize.

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