Port Louis, Mauritius cruises

The beating heart of Mauritius is Port Louis, its capital city. Combining a rich array of cultures, languages and influences, Port Louis is a truly fascinating place to sit and watch the world go by.

As the most populous cultural, commercial and economic hub in Mauritius, Port Louis is a stark contrast to the white sandy beaches that encircle the island - its streets are bustling, loud and always lovably chaotic. Like the rest of Mauritius, the people are friendly and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.

On your jaunts and strolls through the town you are likely to come across some of the town’s fascinating and well preserved French colonial buildings. Take a look at the Government House, built in 1738, to get a unique insight into the island’s past that cannot be found on the busy, albeit beautiful, beaches.

Delve even deeper into the history of Mauritius by visiting the shrine of French Catholic priest and missionary Père Jacques Désiré Laval – who apparently converted 67,000 people to the Christian faith during 23 years in Mauritius. Today, he is a popular figure for Mauritians of a number of different religions, and miracles have been attributed to visits to his grave.

The Blue Penny Museum is a popular attraction. It houses and celebrates two of the rarest stamps in the world: the red one-penny and blue two-penny stamps of 1847. You will also find artifacts documenting the history of Mauritius’s exploration and settlement, giving you a unique opportunity to contrast the Port Louis of today and yesterday.