Overland excursions.

Heading further afield than regular shore excursions, overland excursions invite you to enjoy more experiences and must-see destinations - without missing out on your cruise itinerary.

Further afield, explore more.

Overland excursions give you the opportunity to disembark in one port for a few days to explore even more iconic landmarks and destinations, before you rejoin your ship at the next port of call.

Well-planned end to end itineraries led by insightful local guides create an immersive experience, whilst carefully chosen accommodations and local operators allow you to relax and enjoy your tour.

Overland excursions fares are typically inclusive of hotels, meals and refreshments (unless stated otherwise).

How to book overland excursions.

Overland excursions are currently available to guests on World Cruises, and will be available to book on My Cunard.