Land tours.

Exploring the world by sea could be just one part of the story.

Open the door to even more discoveries.

We have created tours in all of our key embarkation and disembarkation cities so you can reach the major sights and experiences without having to make the arrangements yourself. Expert local guides bring these famous cities and surrounding landscapes to life, creating a sense of two vacations in one.

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Africa & Indian Ocean.

The vast Indian Ocean is home to islands of immense beauty. Its western waters also lap at southern Africa, where one of the jewels in the crown is majestic Cape Town, stretched out dramatically beneath Table Mountain.


This is a continent of dazzling diversity. Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Indonesia present an array of cuisines, customs and languages, and legendary cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.


Around these age-old shores, peer into thousands of years of history. Ancient civilizations, medieval harbors, renaissance wonders, and modern yacht-lined resorts combine to memorable effect, just waiting to be explored.

South America.

Let this vibrant continent reveal an astonishing diversity of landscapes across mountains, rainforests, vast plains and glaciers, and devote extra time to pulsating cities such as Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Rio.

USA & Canada.

Our World Voyages often give the opportunity to stay and explore the east or west coast of the US. It may be the sun-kissed Californian shoreline, the Everglades of Florida, or the grand mansions in the Carolinas.

Western Europe.

The opening stage or finale of your World Voyage may well take you into European waters. So you may have the opportunity to admire Lisbon, or step ashore at one of the Mediterranean’s magnificent harbors.