Tracy Arm Fjord, AK, USA (Cruise-by) cruises

Venture into the genuine wilderness as you sail to the towering mountain peaks at the entrance to Tracy Arm Fjord, located in the southeastern strip of Alaska bordering British Columbia.

Accessible only by boat or seaplane, getting to Tracy Arm Fjord itself is part of the adventure. Discover this hidden delight on your Alaskan cruise.

Tracy Arm Fjord port guide

One of the most dramatic locations in the USA, Tracy Arm Fjord is an impressive tourist attraction southwest of the Alaskan city of Juneau.

This impressive fjord is surrounded by cascading waterfalls and granite cliffs for as far as the eye can see. Deep within undisturbed nature, this attraction sits in an almost magical atmosphere.

Appreciate scenic views of mountain peaks, emerald waters, tremendous glaciers, and Alaskan wildlife.

Here’s our guide on everything you need to know about exploring Tracy Arm Fjord.

Top landmarks and sights in Tracy Arm Fjord

The Tracy Arm Fjord is part of the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness region that covers over 30 miles of glacier walls and mountain landscape. Witnessing glacial calving in Tracy Arm can be a spectacular experience as huge chunks of ice plummet into the freezing sea below.

Wildlife is also common in the Tracy Arm-Fords region and cruise guests can often catch a glimpse of some of the most mesmerising marine and land mammals on the planet. Brown and black bears, mountain goats, wolves, black-tailed deer, and dall sheep regularly roam close to the Tracy Arm Fjord as do harbor seals, orcas, humpback whales, and sea lions.

Whale-watching tours, glacier ice adventure treks, and guided icefield walks are all available to enable you to get the best views of the fjord and its coastline and the interesting wildlife that inhabit the area.

Things to do in Tracy Arm Fjord

Sea kayaking is popular along the coastline of the Tracy Arm-Ford Terror Wilderness region and day trips can be easily arranged. Motorized boats can drop keen kayakers to Harbor Island for a world-class paddling experience.

Along the coast, there are a few primitive camping sites where you can retreat for the night at one of the world’s most impressive natural wonders.

Experience nature at its most unspoilt and compelling, spotting wildlife as you go, while you explore parts of the largest temperate rainforest in the world, Tongass National Forest not far from the Tracy Arm Fjord in Juneau.

Eating and drinking around Tracy Arm Fjord

Restaurants flank the shore of the waterfront towns surrounding the adventure-bound Alaskan Tracy Arm Fjord. Great food establishments with cosy atmospheres are easy to find after a day of exciting excursions and sea discoveries.

Great lakes and thriving shores make the Tracy Arm-Ford Terror Wilderness region an angler’s paradise. It’s home to over forty species of fish so be sure to taste the freshly caught Alaskan dishes during your stay. King crab, oysters, and salmon are among the many seafood delicacies to try in this region.

Jerky is a traditional Alaskan favorite and the ideal snack that lasts forever in cold conditions. Typically made with reindeer meat, Alaskan jerky carries a taste of the wild.

Wild berries are also big in Alaska as the wildland breeds many berry varieties each season. From blueberries and raspberries to lesser-known salmon berries and watermelon berries, you can try them all. Jams, jellies, pies, smoothies, and ice cream are all fun ways to taste the outdoor delicacy.

Getting around, Tracy Arm Fjord transport

The Tracy Arm Fjord is only accessible by boat and seaplane. Smaller boats can get close to the fjord however it is advised you only choose to do so under experienced supervision.

Cruise ships will not stop directly at the fjord, but you can enjoy the surroundings while on board from the outdoor deck.

The city of Juneau has a port where ships intent on cruising the Alaskan Tracy Arm-Ford region will call. Boat tours can be easily arranged from the city.

If you plan to stay in Juneau during your stay, public transport and taxis are widely available. Juneau is very walkable with many landmarks located within close proximity to each other.

Tracy Arm Fjord quick tips


The American dollar is the local currency in Alaska. All major debit and credit cards are accepted in Alaska and local cash can be obtained at ATMs or at banks and money marts in the city.

Tipping in Alaska is customary but not obligatory like in many other US states. The average tip for great service or outdoor excursions is between 10 per cent and 20 per cent of the tour price or total.


Alaska has an Artic climate with long very cold winters and short cool summers. During the summer Alaska receives very little to no sunlight hours.

On average, temperatures reach highs of 19°C during the summer in Alaska while the winter months reach lows of -9°C.

Alaskan summer is considered the best time to visit to experience Tracy Arm Fjord in dry, warm weather.