Sognefjord, Norway (Cruise-by) cruises

The pin drop calm that inhabits this otherworldly realm is yet another sensory experience to savor, perfect for appreciating from your stateroom balcony or in the quiet comfort of your ship’s expansive decks.

With sights that only sailing can provide, a cruise-by of this magnificent Norwegian treasure is sure to inspire lasting holiday memories of your time sailing the fjords on board your Cunard Queen. 

The “King of the Fjords” is the largest in Norway, and its home to some of the region’s most dramatic and unspoiled scenery.

Encompassing a distance of 127 miles (205 kilometers), 60 miles of which is over 3,300 ft (1,000 meters) deep, this gargantuan body of water plays host to basins, sounds, valleys, and lowlands enveloped by perfectly vertical cliffs.

Your cruise-by of the Sognefjord offers a perfect way to experience the majesty and grandeur of this nature-sculpted land. From the might of cliffs that stretch to the sky, to the vast blueness of the fjord’s ocean-fed waters, a cruise of the Sognefjord delivers an ever-flowing supply of camera-worthy moments.