Sasebo, Japan cruises

Kyushu Island’s city of Sasebo is famously known for Huis Ten Bosch, an enchanting Dutch-themed amusement park. It’s also the gateway to the natural beauty of the Kujukushima Islands.

Your guide to Sasebo.

Gateway to the ethereal Kujukushima islands, this once modest fishing town in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture is today a melting pot of international influences, where elements of Japanese, Dutch and American culture lend the city a unique look and feel. You’ll experience this most notably among the windmills and gabled buildings of Huis Ten Bosch, built to replicate the Dutch landscape, while Sasebo’s downtown bars offer more than a nod to the U.S. Visit the observation deck at Tenkaiho Tower for far-reaching views over the 208 uninhabited islands that form Sakai National Park, and join the throng of hungry locals dining out on the city’s infamous Sasebo burger at lunchtimes. 


Sasebo is home to a U.S. naval base and its downtown area is easily explored on foot. You’ll find the city calmer than other parts of Japan and you’ll have a choice of attractions to explore in port. The city is home to both a zoo and an aquarium, showcasing native Japanese and world wildlife. There’s also a Maritime museum in town dedicated to the history of the Japanese Self Defence Forces. The popular Dutch themed Huis Ten Bosch village is around 15 minutes by train from central Sasebo, while a boat tour on a long ship is a great way to explore the islands of Sakai National Park.