Puerto Montt, Chile cruises

Standing almost at the halfway point of Chile’s famously long coastline, Puerto Montt is the gateway to the country’s Lake District.

National parks, glacial lakes, and mountain ranges are just some of the stunning natural scenery you can explore on a voyage here. In addition, Puerto Montt boasts a rich German heritage, with notable German-style architecture and influences.

Puerto Montt port guide

Lying at the head of Reloncavi Bay, Puerto Montt is a bustling center of fishing and agriculture, wrapped in the culture and architecture left behind by early German settlers.

Named in honor of a Chilean president, Puerto Montt’s German influences are so ingrained that stepping ashore here can easily feel as though you’ve arrived in Bavaria.

A picture of Chilean-German charm, the city’s architecture, lakes, and narrow fjords will have you reaching for your camera time and again.

Top landmarks and sights in Puerto Montt

Alerce Andino National Park

Speckled with glistening lakes, the woodlands of Alerce Andino National Park are some of the oldest in the world. As you hike through Chilean redwoods and soaring alerce trees, be sure to keep a watchful eye for some of the forest’s native inhabitants, which range from Gray Foxes to Pudu Deer and even Black-necked Swans.

Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

Within Vicente Perez Rosales National Park you’ll find Lake Todos Los Santos, a body of water that appears instantly inviting with its intense turquoise color. Surrounded by forest and backed by Osorno volcano, a visit here offers you a chance to take in outstanding vistas in an area renowned for showing off Chile’s natural beauty.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral

A neoclassical cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, you’ll find Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cathedral in Puerto Montt’s Plaza de Armas. Seat of the archbishop of the Archdiocese of Puerto Montt, the cathedral was originally built as a church in 1892 but was elevated to cathedral status by Pope Pius XII in 1939. It offers a very pretty interior.

Monumento a la Colonizacion Alemana

Located on the esplanade between Antonio Varas and Bernado O’Higgins streets, this bronze monument, opened in 2002, depicts a group of five Chilean and German settlers. Surrounded by park benches and hidden behind the Iglesias Cathedral church, it offers a convenient place to rest your legs while learning about Puerto Montt’s early colonizers.

Things to do in Puerto Montt

Outdoor activities

A haven for hikers, cyclists, kayakers, and rafters, Chile’s dramatic landscape is the perfect setting if you’re a fan of outdoor activities. You’ll find ample walking trails, lakes, and parks to explore, including options for all ages and abilities.

Colonisation Museum

The Colonisation Museum provides a great insight for anyone hoping to learn more about the way early German settlers in Puerto Montt lived. Among the exhibits you’ll see are farm equipment, cooking utensils, washers, clocks, and even musical instruments, all of which were used by local families more than 150 years ago.

Visit Frutillar

Along the western shore, the city of Frutillar offers you a chance to experience a more laid-back vision of German influence. Take a stroll along the quaint old pier that stretches into the lake or make the most of a sunny day relaxing on the city’s black sand beaches. Away from the coast, you’ll find characterful wooden buildings in which to sample some traditional Frutillar cuisine or (if time permits) some local musical theater.

Mall Paseo Costanera

This contemporary shopping mall, located at the beachfront, is equipped with a cinema, food court, and a wide range of shops. With everything from camping and fishing supplies to clothing and accessory stores, it’s a great place to make a beeline for if you’re in the mood for some much-needed retail therapy.

Eating and drinking in Puerto Montt

Perhaps surprisingly for Chile, the traditional cuisine in Puerto Montt is European inspired with an emphasis on German flavors. In that regard, Kuchen, (German for cake) and apple strudel are among two of the favorite sweet dishes you can try in Puerto Montt.

Kunstmann beer is the most popular among the Puerto Montt community. Produced in Chile and put into production by a German-Chilean family, it’s been brewed since the 1960s. Not just confined to Puerto Montt, Kunstmann beer can be found all over Chile and is also exported to Germany, Argentina, and Brazil. Yellow in color, it offers a crispness that can be extremely refreshing against the Chilean heat.

Situated on a thriving coastline, Puerto Montt is also famous for its fresh seafood. Oysters, prawns, machas (saltwater clam) and choritos (Chilean mussels) are just some of the island’s renowned delicacies you’ll find in abundance among the city’s eateries.

Getting around, Puerto Montt transport

Taxis in Puerto Montt are inexpensive and readily available within the city. In the forest, you’ll find trails suitable for leisurely walks but also challenging hikes, so be sure to consider your needs and experience level before setting off.

Puerto Montt city center is compact, and most places of interest can be reached within a comfortable walking distance of one other. The port itself is around a 20-minute walk from the center and a five-minute walk to the Crafts Market.

Puerto Montt port facilities

A Tourist Information Center is located near the tender pier of Puerto Montt port, and another in the main square. The port also has Wi-Fi.

Puerto Montt quick tips


The Chilean peso is the local currency in Puerto Montt, Chile. Card payments are not widely accepted and we recommend carrying some cash with you if you plan to go ashore.

Most restaurants in Puerto Montt, require you to leave a 10% tip. For excellent service, feel free to tip a little more.


Puerto Montt has an oceanic climate with cool summers and mild winters. Typically, the summers are comfortable, but rain is frequent all year round.

Temperatures can reach highs of 21°C during the summer in Puerto Montt and lows of 3°C in winter.