Fremantle (tours to Perth), WA, Australia cruises

Perth’s spectacular growth in recent times makes the old historic port of Fremantle seem tiny in comparison. Eighty per cent of Western Australia’s population lives in or around this sunny metropolis.

Your guide to Perth.

They say you can’t please everyone, but Perth may prove to be the exception to that rule. The city’s urban sprawl is awash with fusion flavors, fashionable boutiques and innovative museums but Western Australia’s capital impresses in other ways too. Its Kings Park and Botanic Garden are one of the largest inner-city green spaces; eclipsing even New York’s Central Park. Outstanding beaches decorate Perth’s coastline, while verdant wineries surround its inland fringes. Throw in the world’s largest gold coin (one of Perth’s many novel claims to fame) and you begin to appreciate why the city is so many things to so many people.


Perth is famously isolated; a cosmopolitan drop in the ocean that is Australia’s outback. Along the banks of the Swan River you’ll find countless spots to sit and watch kayakers paddle by. The CBD (central business district) offers many interesting galleries and museums to explore while the Perth Mint, exploring Western Australia’s gold history, is in East Perth. If a day in the sun appeals, the city’s nearest beach (Cottesloe) is just a 15-minute drive. Alternatively, take a walk through Kings Park and Botanic Garden where you’ll enjoy far-reaching views in one of the world’s largest city parks.

Eating and drinking.

Perth’s culinary scene is eclectic and far-reaching, drawing on local produce, international influences and contemporary trends. Among the city’s hum of cafés and restaurants, you’ll find hip markets populated by food trucks, selling dishes from around the world. Australia’s proximity to Asia means Eastern flavors are forthcoming, while fresh fish is another Perth delicacy; such is the caliber in this part of the world. A good cup of coffee and/or glass of wine is also easy to come by in Perth. Western Australia is known for the latter; the wineries of Margaret River, famous for producing some of Australia’s finest vintages.


Perth seems to do everything with gusto and its shopping offer is no exception. In the CBD you’ll find the city’s most famous shopping streets, Hay Street Mall and Murray Street Mall, both boasting a diverse retailer line-up. The picturesque London Court and Trinity Arcade are among the best places to source native Aboriginal crafts and Australian opals while an assortment of high-end international designers lines King Street in Perth’s characterful ‘West End’. If outlet shopping appeals, Perth DFO offers more than 100 stores selling fashion and homewares at up to 70% off while the city’s weekend markets offer a chance to buy one-of-a-kind products directly from local producers.

Beyond Perth. 
Just a short ferry crossing from Perth brings you to Rottnest Island, a stunning nature reserve and conservation area for wildlife including Quokkas. The island is the ideal place to indulge in activities such as fishing, surfing and glass-bottom kayaking, while guided tours expand on Rottnest’s fascinating history. At just 25 minutes from Perth, Swan Valley is yet another popular excursion from the city. The valley is home to some of Western Australia’s oldest wineries and best restaurants. There are local artisan markets where you can pick up produce grown natively in the Valley, as well as crafts from resident artists and makers.