Olden, Norway cruises

A peaceful village located at the mouth of Oldeelva river, Olden sits at the northern end of the Oldedalen valley on the Nordfjorden southern shore.

A place where winding valleys and peaks live in harmony with cascading waterfalls and glacier waters, in Olden, you are presented with many wonderful things to see and do.

Olden port guide

Just a short walk to the sleepy village on Norway’s Nordfjord, the tender port of Olden is where you will first lay eyes on Olden’s sweeping turquoise landscape and the extraordinary views that accompany it. 

A gateway to the glaciers, guests from near and far travel to Olden each year to explore its rugged coastline, hilly highland, and fascinating fjords. Raw wilderness made accessible, it’s no wonder so many guests embark on the journey to discover the impressive spectrum of offerings available. 

Here’s our guide on everything you need to know about exploring the quiet port village of Olden. 

Top landmarks and sights in Olden

Lovatnet Lake

Olden is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. To capture its full glory, head to Lovatnet Lake where you can admire the green-tinted glowing views. The perfect place to appreciate the land from up above, Lovatnet Lake sits 52 meters above sea level.  

Kjenndalen glacier

In Kjenndalen Valley, a short walk from Lovatnet Lake, you can find the Kjenndalen glacier which is an arm of the largest glacier in Europe. Enjoy a scenic drive through Olden and along the twisted paths as you pass by Norwegian farms, grass roofs, and ample photography opportunities.  

Olden Old Church and Olden New Church

A sight to see are the two churches in the village that date back to the 1700s: Olden Old Church and Olden New Church. The Olden Old Church is built from timber and is believed to have once served as an old stave church from the 14th century. The new church introduced new facilities to the village and rests against a picture-perfect sheet. Close to the center of town, these churches provide background and history to Olden town. 

Huaren viewpoint

A popular lookout and scenic walking space in Olden Norway is Huaren viewpoint. A natural path over uneven and rocky surfaces leads you to the most admired views of the village. A great way to travel the vast green spaces and be rewarded with panoramic views that be long etched into your memory. 

Things to do in Olden

Adventure activities

With everything from kayaking, fishing, glacier treks, skiing, snowshoeing, and mountain hikes to authentic Norwegian dining and cultural experiences available, there is plenty to keep you entertained and occupied in Olden. 

Rib ride

For a high-speed thrill take a rib ride across the magical fjord. See the blue shimmering waters from a new perspective as you roar across the fjords on an aquamarine adventure. Alternatively, you can take a kayak and have a more relaxing paddle exploring the fjord. Lucky guests even get to bear witness to the unique underwater world that Norway has to offer. 


The crowded coastline makes Olden a sea fishing paradise. If you wish, while on your rib ride, fish for supper and once back on shore, cook your catch.  

Loen Skylift cable car

Nearby in Loen, you can board the Loen Skylift Cable Car to ascend Mount Hoven. From the Skylift, be sure to take in all the scenery and sights as you pass through snow-topped peaks and winding valley roads. 

Troll car tour

A Troll car tour is one of the best ways to ensure you see the most impressive sights of Olden. Troll car guided tours will whisk you through national parks and waterfalls, and towards the wondersome glaciers. 


In the Nordfjords, you will find some of the greatest ski centers and terrain that the world has to offer. In many Norwegian resorts, you can ski from November to May with ample snow for a genuine winter experience. 

Eating and drinking in Olden

Norway is a country known for its local produce and food along the fjords is almost entirely locally sourced and prepared. Fish, meats, cheeses, and potatoes are just some of the Artic kitchen's unique culinary delicacies you can expect to try in Olden.

In Olden, do not miss the opportunity to each lunch in the sky at the Mount Hoven restaurant. A well-known Norwegian haunt situated in the clouds, Hoven Restaurant serves traditional recipes made with local ingredients cliffside.

Sweet treats are also a staple in the Norwegian diet so be sure to sample their native berries, cider, and waffles. For a true taste of Norway, pair your waffle with classic Norwegian brown cheese also known as Brunost. 

Getting around, Olden transport

Olden is a small village and the main center can easily be explored on foot. Open-top buses, river cruises, and troll car excursions are widely accessible if you wish to get up close to nature.

Alternatively, there are many hiking paths and trails for keen and able explorers to trek on foot.

Taxis ad shuttle buses run throughout the village if you wish to explore nearby villages and towns. 

Olden port facilities

Olden port is located a short walk from the center of the village where you will find a supermarket and a range of shops. You can hire bikes, take the train, or take a shuttle bus directly from the port.

The port facilities at Olden include a tourist information center, café, and souvenir gift shops.

Olden quick tips


Norwegian Krone is the local currency in Olden, Norway. Foreign currency is not accepted but you can exchange currency at post offices or use cash machines scattered around the town.

Card payments are widely accepted in Olden, but some smaller establishments may not accept foreign credit cards. For this reason, carrying some cash with you during your visit is recommended. 

Tipping is not required in Olden but if you wish to leave a small tip for exceptional service rounding up your bill is greatly appreciated.


Olden has a cold and temperate climate with significant rainfall throughout the year.

On average, temperatures reach highs of 22°C during the summer in Olden while winter months reach lows of -2°C.

July and August are considered the best months to visit Olden for ample sunshine and mild temperatures. During the summer months, Olden experiences many clear days which are ideal for sightseers and admiring the picturesque views. 

In December and January, the best snow often falls ideal for skiing, snowshoeing, and experiencing an authentic Norwegian winter however daylight hours are still short. In March, you will begin to see lighter and longer days.