Nordfjord, Norway (Cruise-by) cruises

Sailing offers by far the best way to appreciate the scale and majesty of this ancient region, where the palette of blues, grays, and greens are occasionally punctuated by an ambitious hiker or a wild pony grazing at the fjord’s edge. Certain branches of the Nordfjord even resemble a tropical paradise, with near-transparent waters fringing beaches composed entirely of pure white sand.

Whether you choose to admire these passing views while strolling your ship’s deck or tucked under a blanket in the privacy of your stateroom’s balcony, your sail-by of the Nordfjord is guaranteed to deliver some of the most memorable scenery you’ll experience on your Norway cruise.

A journey that delivers no end of outstanding views, a cruise-by of Nordfjord is your chance to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing natural scenery that’s a signature of sailing Norway’s fjords.

In this respect, your cruise-by of Nordfjord will not disappoint. Norway’s sixth largest fjord is home to Europe’s biggest mainland glacier, as well as the continent’s deepest lake.

These accolades, while impressive, are just the pinnacle of what makes sailing in this part of Norway so special. Nordfjord has been shaped by the elements over centuries, and the result is a rugged yet beautiful landscape that has remained unspoiled throughout the passage of time.