Helsinki, Finland cruises

Helsinki is Finland’s southern capital and home to 12 per cent of Finland’s population. A place where urban culture meets seaside charm, this city delights travelers from all over the world.

Blending green spacious landscapes with industrial trade, Helsinki is a port city with a unique twist.

Helsinki port guide

Surrounded by unspoiled vast green forest landscapes, you are immediately transported to paradise on your approach to Helsinki. From the moment you step on land, Helsinki will offer you its big city appeal alongside its natural beauty, diverse landscape, and Nordic cuisine.

One of the busiest passenger ports in Europe, Helsinki hosts over half a million guests each year. Home to friendly local people, you will be made to feel welcome by those you encounter on your journey.

Recognized for its innovative art scene and impressive architecture, Helsinki is a gateway to contemporary art, underground dance parties, energy, and action.

For those who seek to be at one with nature while also benefiting from an active cultural scene, Helsinki offers a unique blend of both.

Here is our guide on everything you need to know about exploring the port city of Helsinki.

Top landmarks and sights in Helsinki

Helsinki Cathedral

In the Senate Square, the Helsinki Cathedral is a distinctive landmark that pays tribute to the city’s empire era. Built from 1830 to 1852, in more recent years this cathedral has become a symbol of Helsinki. Today, Helsinki Cathedral remains an active place of worship with daily mass and concerts taking place.

Market Square

Market Square is the central square in Helsinki. Here special events and themed markets regularly take place. Year round, you will find food stalls where you can purchase traditional meat pastries and sweets alongside handicrafts at this famous market.


Suomenlinna is an ancient sea fortress that was once served to defend three different sovereign states over the years. Across eight islands, it is the largest sea fortress in the world that can be accessed by ferry. To this day, cannons, tunnels, and a dockyard can be observed.

Kamppi Chapel

Kamppi Chapel is also known as ‘the Chapel of Silence’ as it offers a place for visitors to calm and compose. It is a peaceful place welcoming people of all faiths and religions. With a unique architectural design built entirely from wood, this building boasts a striking appearance.

Things to do in Helsinki

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

Kiasma is a contemporary art museum showcasing traditional art techniques as well as the latest visual trends. Featuring collections including both Finnish and foreign art from the 1970s onward, here you can view a range of exhibits. Museum tickets are priced at 20 euros with a subsidized fare for under 18-year-olds.

The National Museum of Finland

Showcasing important Finnish history from the Stone Age to the present day, The National Museum of Finland features unique exhibits and collections throughout the ages. Housed in a Finnish National Romantic-style building, the museum is fascinating inside and out.


Esplanadi is a park and garden in Helsinki located in the downtown area. It is the most famous park in Finland and referred to as the green heart of the city. This long strip of park hosts hotels, restaurants, and shops making for an enjoyable afternoon stroll.

Cunard Shore Experience

In Helsinki, one of the best ways to explore the city is by embarking on a Cunard Shore Experience. We offer an exciting range of guided adventures, including ‘Reindeer Encounter & Arctic Husky Hike’, ‘Helsinki by electrical Tuk Tuk, and ‘Old Town Porvoo’.

Other available shore excursions from Helsinki include, ‘Helsinki Highlights’, ‘Helsinki by Bike’, and ‘Flavors of Helsinki- Small Group Tour’.

Eating and drinking in Helsinki

Finland’s seaside capital offers a wide variety of traditional Finnish dishes among international-themed restaurants. If you wish to taste national cuisine, be sure to look out for Runeburg Torte, a circular rum cake topped with icing and jam, Baltic Herring, a local catch of the day, and Grillmakkara, grilled sausages on the menu.

No matter the time of year, you will also be able to find seasonal, local goods at street markets. Meats, fish, vegetables, and fresh bread are all staples in the Finnish diet and can be found in abundance.

Cafes are great places to grab a classic Finnish breakfast and are peppered all over the city. To begin your day like a local, try bread with cold cuts, marmalade, or cheese.

Getting around, Helsinki transport

In Helsinki, the reliable public transport system with buses, trams, trains, and metros is often considered the most convenient option when it comes to exploring the city. However, the central location can easily be explored on foot.

In warmer months, bike hire is a popular way of getting around the city to make the most of the efficient cycle paths.

From the port, the south harbor is within easy walking distance of the Market Square. The west terminal is a little further out, but a tourist shuttle bus is available for a small fee.

Helsinki port facilities

The port facilities at Helsinki port include toilets, public transport links, and souvenir stores.

Helsinki quick tips


The Euro is the local currency in Helsinki, Finland. Card payments are widely accepted however there may be a foreign transaction fee.

However, some small shops and bars may not accept card payments, so it is recommended you carry some cash during your visit.

Tipping is not required in Helsinki but a small bonus for exceptional service is greatly appreciated. Often, a service charge will be added to the bill.


Helsinki has a humid continental climate with cold winters and comfortable, cloudy summers. In Helsinki rain is frequent, and it is almost always breezy.

Temperatures are expected to reach highs of 21°C during the summer in Helsinki while the winter months reach lows of -7°C.