Flaam, Norway cruises

This one is for the true train lovers. From tiny Flaam there is a renowned and captivating 13-mile stretch of railway that slowly winds and climbs alongside the grand glacial splendor of Sognefjord.

Your guide to Flaam.

At the end of Aurlandsfjord - a branch of the vast Sognefjord - sits Flaam, a village known for its spellbinding location amongst Norway’s piercing blue fjords and sweeping mountains. A stop here is the perfect opportunity to ride the historic Flaam railway, which enthralls visitors with unadulterated views of Flaam’s scenery and offers the perfect way to appreciate this port call in all its splendor. Alternatively, seek out an authentic Norwegian sweater in Flaam’s shops or head to one of its friendly microbreweries for a locally brewed beer. There are many surprises to be found in Flaam; from museums that celebrate the region's culture to countless picturesque hiking trails.


Flaam is a charming Norwegian village to explore, offering quaint cafés and museums surrounded by postcard-worthy landscapes. Serenely beautiful, it’s a place where outdoor-lovers will feel instantly at home - about as far away from the hustle and bustle of city life as you can find. While the area offers myriad walking trails, a novel way to get up close to the scenery is by riding Flaam’s one-of-a-kind railway. A unique feat of engineering (as revealed in Flaam’s Railway Museum) the Flaam Railway snakes through the mountainside at a speed that lets you appreciate the outlook while making regular photo calls at the most impressive sights along the line.

Eating and drinking.

From locally sourced seafood to a Viking's dinner, Flaam's independent restaurants offer a chance to savor the locality of produce available in Norway’s fjords and farmlands. You’ll find expertly crafted bread, pastries and wonderful cheeses abundant among the town’s cafés and restaurants, alongside homely Norwegian cooking and a few dishes of international origin. Flaam’s culinary offer is complemented by a friendly bar scene, anchored around gastro-pubs, microbreweries and chalet bars. A staple sight around town, these cozy establishments offer the perfect refuge between exploring in which to enjoy a native Norwegian beer among Flaam’s infamously welcoming locals.


Flaam has a small selection of gift shops, craft stores and independent retailers for anyone wishing to find the perfect souvenir in port. As you might anticipate, most purchases anchor around products sourced and produced natively in Norway, offering a great opportunity to find an authentic keepsake to take home. There are places to pick up colorful knitted sweaters and other woven goods, together with decorative ornamental homewares, hand-carved from wood. Pewter, enamel and silver jewelry is also sold in several shops around Flaam, while hand-blown glassware and locally produced ceramics from Norwegian artists are similarly easy to come by.

Beyond Flaam.

Flaam’s stunning forest and beautiful mountains are the perfect places to get active and experience the ethereal beauty of Norway’s infinitely wild landscape. Immerse yourself in nature on a downhill hike or discover Rjoandefossen waterfall on just one of many strategic stops on board Flaam’s scenic railway. The stunning Stegastein viewing platform offers excellent photo opportunities and a rewarding hike. Jutting out from the mountainside, the outlook takes in the surrounding valleys, offering a wonderful panorama. Alternatively, embark on a hike to Brekkefossen waterfall: the journey delivers unforgettable views of the falls, as well as the fjords stretching out below.