Eden, Australia cruises

Halfway between Sydney and Melbourne, on the east coast of Australia, lies the sleepy little coastal town of Eden. Jutting out into Twofold Bay, the third deepest natural harbor in the southern hemisphere, this charming town is right on the edge of the “Humpback Highway”.

The area is renowned for being one of the few places in the world where humpback whales feed on their southern migration. Every year, between September and November, the region plays host to thousands of humpbacks heading home to Antarctica.

Unsurprisingly, Eden prospered in the days of whaling, and the town has a rich history steeped in all manner of sea-going traditions. Today, the whaling has disappeared, but the whaling routes are still there, and they provide exceptional opportunities to spot whales, penguins, seals and more, both from the shore and the sea.

The Killer Whale Museum is filled with tales of sea-going adventures in the area. Here you can discover the fascinating story of how killer whales worked with the whalers, helping to herd baleen whales for the whaling industry. It’s also home to the skeleton of Old Tom, the last of the herding killer whales.

Bounded by national forest and ruggedly beautiful coastline, Eden is also abundant in nature trails, spectacular coastal scenery and surf beaches. Farther afield you’ll find untouched wilderness with some of the best national parks, lagoons and seas, where you can explore the dynamic wildlife. Of course, kayaking is extremely popular, as is bird-watching and hiking.