Cross International Date Line (Cruise-by) cruises

There’s no experience quite like crossing the International Date Line on an ocean voyage. Savor the chance to sail the open seas as your ship literally jumps through time. 

Enjoy a journey through time.

A cruise crossing the International Date Line doesn’t only promise intrigue and adventure in faraway shores, it also provides you with the chance to experience a rare phenomenon: the chance to literally transcend time. That’s because crossing the International Date Line means you immediately gain or lose 24 hours, causing time to instantly move forward or back by a day.


Jump to the future or relive the past.

The direction you’re sailing when you cross the International Date Line influences which way you move through time. If traveling westerly you’ll gain 24 hours, instantly propelling you an entire day forward in time. Conversely, if you cross over the International Date Line voyaging easterly, time will rewind by 24 hours, meaning you’ll effectively live the same day twice.


Experience time move as you sail.

The International Date Line runs north to south from the Earth’s poles, predominantly through the Pacific Ocean, and it’s this line that governs the varying time zones that exist throughout the world. The further west you move from the International Date Line, the further back in time you move, which is why New Year falls at different times in different countries.  


Cruises crossing The International Date Line.

A cruise crossing The International Date Line is high on many travelers’ wish lists. Cunard offers a range of voyages that make this iconic leap in time, from sailings between Alaska and Japan to cruises from the U.S to Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand.