Bornholm, Denmark cruises

Nestled in the Baltic Sea, Bornholm is an enchanting Danish island that beckons guests with its unique blend of sandy beaches, historic castles, and captivating scenery. Nature reigns, with areas of unspoilt beauty around every corner, in a landscape peppered with quant farms, picturesque villages and colorful half-timbered houses.

Bornholm port guide

Bornholm isn’t just popular with cruise guests – the region is a favorite amongst native Scandinavians seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. In the capital town of Rønne, where Cunard cruises to Bornholm call, quaint cobbled streets and half-timbered houses stand much as they did a century ago.

An idyllic island with a rich medieval heritage, this enchanting land is known by many names: “Sunshine Island”, for its mesmerising blue skies and pleasant weather, “Rock Island” due to its dramatic granite formations that shape the rocky coastline in the north, or even the “Pearl of the Baltic Sea”. 

With unforgettable experiences to enjoy, rich culinary delights to sample and the beauty of nature to explore, cruising to Bornholm with Cunard is an awe-inspiring journey to nature’s Northern paradise.

Top landmarks and sights in Bornholm

Medieval fortifications meet white sandy beaches – whether you prefer to watch the world go by or strap on your hiking boots and explore, there’s plenty to see and do in Bornholm.

St. Nicolas' Church

First built in the 12th century in Rønne, the green steeple of St. Nicholas’ Church towers above the red-roofed houses surrounding it. Admire original artefacts like Mary's Bell, dating back to 1434, and a stunning chandelier from 1620. The church's refurbishment in 1918 retains its authenticity while offering a glimpse into Bornholm's religious past.

Dueodde Beach & Lighthouse

Dip your toes into the soft white sands of Dueodde Beach, nestled at the southern tip of the island. Take a stroll along the long boardwalk, winding through tall sand dunes before paying a visit to Dueodde Lighthouse, the tallest on the island, offering panoramic views across the glittering sea beyond.

Hammershus Castle

Erected in the 13th century, Hammershus Castle stands as Northern Europe's largest medieval fortification. Its perch atop a rocky outcrop on the island's northern tip provides breathtaking vistas of the sea and coastline. Explore the castle's history, dating back centuries, where in the 17th century, princess Lenora Christina attempted a daring escape from captivity down the steep rock walls.


Take a stroll through the enchanting emerald forests of the Døndalen rift valley and pay a visit to the biggest waterfall in Denmark. While the 20-meter (65ft) Døndalen waterfall may be somewhat tame compared to some of its larger cousins scattered across Scandinavia, it remains a captivating celebration of the beauty of nature.

Things to do in Bornholm

Visit the round churches

There are seven iconic round-shaped churches dotted around Denmark – four of those reside on Bornholm and are one of the most popular attractions with locals and guests alike. Hailing from the 12th and 13th centuries, these uniquely designed churches have a fascinating history, once doubling as fortresses in periods of conflict. The largest and oldest of these structures, Østerlars, is also known for the three ancient rune stones that lie within its grounds.

NaturBornholm Museum

Delve into the island's fascinating geological and biological history at the NaturBornholm Museum. Uncover intriguing interactive displays, including a time machine and earthquake simulations before coming face-to-face with the resident crocodiles.

Explore the capital city of Rønne

Take leisurely walks along Rønne's cobbled streets, soaking in its charm with picturesque churches, museums, and historic architecture. Don't miss Erichsens Gård, offering a glimpse into 19th-century life, and Bornholms Museum, uncovering the island's maritime heritage and wartime legacies.

Sanctuary Cliffs

Witness nature at its most untamed at the picturesque Sanctuary Cliffs. Carved into the land over 1700 million years, these cliffs offer some of the most spectacular scenery in Denmark. Embrace your inner-explorer and venture into the caves beneath the cliff face where you may catch a glimpse of the fascinating egg sacs left by cave spiders, shaped like small Chinese lanterns.

Eating and drinking in Bornholm

Bornholm's culinary scene is a delightful fusion of local flavors and international influences. Indulge in the island's gastronomic treasures, including figs, mulberries, award-winning cheeses, and fresh Baltic Sea fish. From luxurious Danish pastries to traditional fare like pickled herring and rich rye breads, the island's restaurants offer a diverse culinary journey. Experience Michelin-star dining or savor gently smoked fish paired with local brews and finished with a delicious slide of Danish apple cake.

Shopping in Bornholm

Despite its island status, Bornholm is home to a rich shopping scene. Explore small, independent boutiques where you can pick up locally made clothing and knitwear. Explore Rønne's Lille Torv and Store Torv areas, where you’ll uncover the island’s impressive arts and crafts scene with exquisite handmade crafts, fashion, and housewares on offer. Don't miss the island's renowned grandfather clocks, a testament to Danish craftsmanship.

Getting around, Bornholm transport

Bornholm is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts, with over 230hm of bike trails lacing across the island. Bicycles are a large part of the local culture, and you’ll find plenty available to rent that you can use to see the sights around Rønne or venture further afield.

From May through to September a public bus runs from the Rønne ferry terminal every two hours between 10 am and 4 pm circling the island and stopping at all major coastal villages.

Cars are available to hire if biking across hilly terrain isn’t quite your pace, and taxis are available and can often be found around the main ferry terminal in Rønne.

Bornholm port facilities

Your cruise ship will dock close to the center of town at the Rønne cruise quay. The walk into the center of Rønne takes around 30 minutes but free shuttle buses to and from the port are available.

Bornholm quick tips


While the Danish Kroner is the official currency, Bornholm widely accepts the Euro and other major currencies. Credit cards are also commonly used, but it is always advisable to carry some cash for smaller stores or eateries.

Services charges are, in general, included in your final bill total but tips are always appreciated, and many guests choose to leave around 10% of the total bill cost, although this is not compulsory.


Known as the "Sunshine Island," Bornholm boasts more sunshine than the rest of Denmark. Its mild climate and clear skies make it an inviting destination year-round. Summer beckons beach activities with an average temperature of 16°C to 19°C, while autumn transforms the land into rustic tones of burnt orange, ruby red and saffron yellow, with temperatures falling to around 2°C to 6°C.