Bornholm, Denmark cruises

It’s hard not to fall hook, line and sinker for the captivating charms of this whimsical Danish island. With sandy beaches, historic castles and spellbinding scenery, Bornholm could easily become your new favorite destination. 

Your guide to Bornholm.

Nestled in the Baltic Sea, the Danish island of Bornholm is a captivating port call, offering charming fishing towns, sandy beaches and whimsical castle ruins. Already a favorite holiday spot for Swedes and Danes, the island’s culinary merits and idyllic scenery are just the start of Bornholm’s destination appeal. In the capital town of Rønne, where Cunard cruises to Bornholm call, quaint cobbled streets and half-timbered houses stand much as they did a century ago. Discover native pottery at Hjorths Factory, uncover 10,000 years of history at Bornholms Museum or savor an ice cream sitting on the golden sands at your choice of postcard-worthy beaches.


As you wander Rønne it’s impossible not to fall under its spell. This delightful capital radiates character with charming churches, sweet museums and architecture offering a nod to years gone by. On Laksegade Street, in the oldest part of Rønne, you’ll find the town and garden museum Erichsens Gård, depicting life in a 19th century Bornholm home. The adjoining garden also honors history with flowerbeds typical of those planted at the time. Elsewhere, Bornholms Museum, established in 1893, offers insight into the island’s maritime heritage and wartime legacy, while the former Hjorths Fabrik showcases traditional stoneware production dating back to the 1850s.

Eating and drinking.

Bornholm has been hailed as a foodie delight, praised for its culinary prowess by the likes of The New York Times. Much of its celebrated cuisine centers on the quality ingredients grown and produced natively on the island. Figs and mulberries thrive on Bornholm, while award-winning cheeses and fresh fish from the Baltic Sea are among its other gastronomic highlights. Rønne itself has a diverse restaurant scene, offering everything from luxuriously moist Danish pastries to gently smoked fish and the finest Michelin star dining. You’ll find international dining options, alongside traditional Danish restaurants serving pickled herring and the richest of rye breads.


Despite its island status, Danish cool isn’t lost on Bornholm and Rønne in particular is abundant in stores that wouldn’t look out of place in Copenhagen. Most of the town’s shopping streets anchor around the Lille Torv and Store Torv so if picking up an island memento is high on your wish list, this is a good place to search. You’ll find many Danish labels among the independent shops in Rønne, selling the distinctive unfussy fashion and minimalist lifestyle products the Danes are famed for. A small shopping center offers a couple of more familiar Scandinavian brands, while artist’s workshops offer a chance to snap up some of Bornholm’s famous handmade pottery.

Beyond Bornholm.

Bornholm is a great choice if you want to explore beyond your port of call. The island offers beautiful beaches with clear and shallow waters, as well as rugged cliffs and a plethora of charming fishing towns. One of the most popular excursions from Rønne is the medieval fortress of Hammershus on the island’s Northerly coast. Elevated on a rocky outlook, these ancient castle ruins are the largest in Northern Europe, making them infinitely popular with Bornholm tourists. Believed to date back to the 12th century, Hammershus was eventually abandoned in the 1700s. Now on the historic register, these sweeping ruins attract visitors from around the world.