Laem Chabang (tours to Bangkok), Thailand cruises

Laem Chabang was founded in 1782 by King Ramal and has since grown to become the country’s largest port. Here is your enchanting first glimpse of capital, Bangkok, and of the beautiful country beyond.

Expansion for Laem Chabang Port began in 1982 and operation on this new larger scale began in 1991. The city is quickly expanding and is now one of the busiest ports in the world. It is a major cruise port for passengers visiting the capital city of Bangkok and the nearby beach resort of Pattaya.

Laem Chabang is located is an industrial city with a bustling port. Within the city there are coffee shops and bars, plenty of Thai restaurants and a modern mall. The shopping district is the place to pick up Thai souvenirs and cultural gifts.

Laem Chabang International Country Club is a popular club for cruise passengers looking to unwind on the golf course. It is home to one of Thailand’s best golf courses and is a challenging course designed to test your skills as a golfer. The stylish clubhouse provides the perfect place to relax after your round.

Pattaya is a busy beach town located less than 40 minutes south of Laem Chabang. It is home to one of Thailand’s famously beautiful beaches where white sand meets clear blue seas. Plenty of watersports are available and restaurants, bars and cafes line the coast.

For a quieter beach experience, travel towards the south of Thailand where hidden coves are the norm. Long-tail boats line the shore and are ready to whisk you away to the tiny islands.

Bangkok is located just two hours north of Laem Chabang, making it an easy city to access from the port. Bangkok offers an intriguing combination of ancient tradition and 21st century trends. Night bazaars and floating river markets are found next to glistening skyscrapers and enormous shopping malls. Street vendors selling food from baskets walk past sleek and stylish restaurants, where businessmen and women sit next to monks clothed in orange robes. Bangkok is a city of contrasts that charms and excites every visitor who enters.

Bangkok is often referred to as ‘Venice of the East’ thanks to the network of canals flowing through the city. This is the place to experience Thailand’s unique culture during your Laem Chabang cruise. Visit The Grand Palace, a complex of magnificent buildings and the official residence of the king. The palace dates back to 1782 and the golden spires can be seen glistening across the Bangkok skyline.

There is no shortage of delicious and authentic Thai restaurants in Laem Chabang. Small street vendors cater for the workers within the port and they serve up fresh and spicy dishes. Within the city, small restaurants serve Thai classics like noodles and curries. Curries can be spicy, creamy, hearty or rich and they are served with delicious sticky rice. Enormous woks sizzle with noodles and fresh vegetables or deep fried treats like spring rolls or cha-om.

The Pub Asiatico is a favourite with cruise passengers as they serve a mixture of Thai and European food in a friendly and welcoming setting.