Aurlandsfjord, Norway (Cruise-by) cruises

Known as Norway’s Grand Canyon, the Aurland Valley is flanked by beautiful snow-topped mountains that stretch 10 miles from Flåm to Mount Beitelen and the entrance to Naeroyfjord.

The Aurlandsfjord is part of the breathtaking UNESCO-protected World Heritage area that offers exceptional natural beauty and great adventure.

Aurlandsfjord port guide

The enchanting village of Flåm is where you will begin your journey around the Norwegian Fjords. Located on the Aurlandsfjord, Flåm Port immediately immerses you in Norway’s most outstanding scenery.

As you are tendered ashore, admire the steep mountainside, roaring waterfalls, and deep valleys that make the Aurlandsfjord one of the most picturesque fjords in the world.

Famed for its impressive location along the Aurlandsfjord stretch, Flåm Port has become a notable attraction within itself attracting many visitors each year.

Here’s our guide on everything you need to know about exploring the Aurlandsfjord.

Top landmarks and sights in Aurlandsfjord

Stegastein viewpoint

Stegastein is a scenic viewpoint located near the tip of Aurland Mountain between Flåm and Aurland. The 30-meter platform overlooks Aurland and the Aurlandsfjord from 650 meters high and provides a truly extraordinary view. You will find this scenic spot along the Sogn og Fjordance Country Road 243 in Norway. The Stegastein Viewpoint can be accessed by car or by following the Stegastein Viewpoint hiking trail.

Kjosfossen Falls

One of the most visited attractions in Norway, Kjosfossen Falls in Aurland is a must-see. The waterfall descends from around 225 meters which makes for a remarkable sight and sound. This legendary site is only accessible by train and is a notable stop on the Flåm Railway.

Undredal Stave Church

A parish church located on the shore of the Aurlandsfjord, the Undredal Stave Church is the smallest stave church still in use in Norway. It was built in the 12th century and is one of the few historical stave churches to remain standing. Located in a picture-perfect setting, you are also free to explore the astounding surrounding area.

Things to do in Aurlandsfjord

Flåm Railway Museum

The Flåm Railway Museum is located opposite the Flåm railway road that runs to the end of Aurlandsfjord along high mountains and through lush fjord landscapes. Free to visit all year round, the museum provides a deeper insight into the exciting history and development of the Aurlandsfjord area through photographs, artefacts, displays, and exhibitions.

Flåm Zipline

For those looking for something a little more adventurous, Flåm Zipline is not to be missed. Experience the longest zipline ride in Scandinavia with incredible views over the Aurlandsfjord. Spanning 1381 meters from Vatnahalsen to Kardalen, this is a one-of-a-kind experience in nature.

Viking Valley

A short journey inland from the Aurlandsfjord coast, the Viking Valley is the ultimate Viking experience in Norway. Travel back over one thousand years and experience life as a Viking on the fjord landscape. Learn the history and how Viking culture has impacted Norway as we recognize it today.

Water sports and exploration

A paradise for water lovers and water sport enthusiasts, the Aurlandsfjord provides ample opportunity to explore the surface of its deep blue seas. Scenic fjord cruises, guided kayak tours, and equipment rental services combine adventure with the local history of the Aurlandsfjord. What better way to discover the wonder of the fjord?

Souvenir shopping in Aurlandsfjord

Peppered throughout the Aurlandsfjord region, ample shops sell a collection of Norwegian products and souvenirs inspired and influenced by the surrounding fjord setting. Locally crafted gifts serve as the perfect reminder of the majestic mountains and allow you to take home your magical memories.

Eating and drinking in Aurlandsfjord

For thousands of years, the local people of Aurland and Aurlandsfjord have survived and thrived on the delicious saltwater delights from their coast. Fishing in the fjord is free of charge for everyone making seafood a popular choice of local cuisine.

During your trip, you are likely to encounter many weird and wonderful food combinations from lutefisk and cod tongue to reindeer kebab and whale burger. Although they may seem strange, Norwegian food is famously recognized for its wholesome and delicious taste.

One food that you must try is Norway’s national dish of mutton and cabbage stew, locally referred to as farikal. Typically served during colder months, farikal is a traditional comfort meal made from lamb, cabbage, and potatoes. This dish is so tasty, it even has its own festive day on the last Thursday in September.

You can find these delicacies and a range of additional Norwegian dishes at a number of inviting eateries nestled among the fjord villages and towns.

Getting around, Aurlandsfjord transport

You can travel the Aurlandsfjord area and reach the Aurlandsfjord shore by car, bus, boat, train, and foot.

Several small villages surround the fjord and can be easily reached by public transport links and car rental. Tours and guided trips are also easily available and arranged and are considered one of the best ways to ensure you don’t miss any of the sought-after spots.

Bikes are available to rent from the Tourist Information Center where walking trail route maps can also be obtained.

Aurlandsfjord port facilities

The port facilities at Aurlandsfjord Flåm Port include a train station, Wi-Fi access, and public toilets.

Aurlandsfjord quick tips


Norwegian Krone is the local currency in the Aurlandsfjord region in Norway. Major credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted but a passport or driver's license is often required as proof of identity when making card purchases.

However, some small post offices, grocery shops or supermarkets may not accept foreign credit cards. For this reason, carrying some cash with you during your visit is recommended. You can acquire cash from ATMs that are called ‘mini banks’ in Norway.

Tipping is not required in Aurlandsfjord but if you wish to leave a small tip for exceptional service rounding up your bill is greatly appreciated.


Norway has a maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers. On average, temperatures reach highs of 18°C during the summer in Aurlandsfjord while the winter months reach lows of -1°C.

You can visit the Aurlandsfjord all year round. Summer brings warm weather and many tourists while autumn and winter bring unique outdoor opportunities.