Aomori, Japan cruises

Savor the natural landscapes in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture of Honshu, the largest and most populous island of Japan. Aomori sits between the southern end of Mutsu Bay and the fine Hakkōda Mountains.

At the heart of the Tōhoku region, Aomori charms you with its unique blend of ultramodern architecture and sleepy fairytale castles, amid scented cherry blossoms.

Visit the World Heritage Site of the Shirakami Mountains with its majestic forest of beech trees; follow the Oirase River from mystic Lake Towada and explore two national parks at Tsugaru to the west and Shimokita across Mutsu Bay. From red railed wooden bridges to the latest trends on the high street, old and new are yours to discover in Aomori as far back as the ruins of prehistoric Japan.