Alesund, Norway cruises

Sailing through Norway’s glass-like waters on route to Alesund, you’ll be struck by a sweeping peninsula of Art Nouveau architecture, stretching to lush greenery, where mountain peaks reach skyward, reflected in the converging fjords.

Arriving in Alesund, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped off your ship into the pages of a fairy-tale. A myriad of towering spires and decorative turrets, it’s easy to see why this vibrant fishing port is regarded as one of the prettiest cities in Norway. 

A town that rose from the ashes after almost being destroyed in its entirety by a fire in 1904, Alesund now expands across seven small islands, seamlessly connected via an elaborate network of underwater tunnels.

Welcoming locals, delicious fresh cuisine, enchanting architecture, and breathtaking scenery, are just some of the highlights to look forward to if your Norwegian adventure includes a call in Alesund.

Top landmarks and sights in Alesund.

Molija lighthouse.

Standing at the tip of the harbor, where it has welcomed boats safely into port for over 150 years, the Molija lighthouse is a beacon of Norwegian tradition and the perfect place in which to absorb the sheer vastness of the scenery all around you.

Aksla viewpoint.

Further beautiful views of Alesund’s landscape can be witnessed at the Aksla viewpoint. If you’re looking to stretch your legs, the 418 steps to the top can certainly accommodate. Alternatively, hail a taxi or catch the city train to the peak. Once there, settle in for a cozy cup of coffee and perhaps a bite to eat, as you gaze across panoramic views of the dramatic mountains that spiral from the depths of the majestic fjords below.

Sunnmore Museum.

A visit to the Sunnmore Museum – a spectacular open-air museum set across 50 acres – offers a chance to immerse yourself in Norwegian life through the ages. Along with fascinating life-size replicas of boats and Viking ships, the museum is home to one of the world’s best-preserved and extensive collections of historic Norwegian architecture.

Things to do in Alesund.


Alesund is well-known for its picturesque and colorful Art Nouveau architecture. You’ll see many distinctive homes constructed in this period style on a stroll along the waterside. Alternatively, visit the Art Nouveau Museum to learn more about this fascinating art movement and how Alesund was re-born as a pinnacle of artistic style.

Alesund City Train.

On the Alesund City Train, a charming trolley train that takes you on an immersive guided tour of the city, you’ll pass by areas of cultural and historical significance, as well as enjoying dazzling views from the city’s mountain-top viewpoint.

Atlantic Sea Park.

Stepping inside the Atlantic Sea Park brings you nose-to-nose with some of the world’s most impressive marine wildlife. Saunter along past spectacular tanks and vast habitats home to all manner of colorful underwater life, as well as a delightful population of harbor seals.


Eating and drinking near Alesund.

Coastal gastronomy is the highlight of Alesund’s cuisine. You’ll spot fishing boats bobbing in the harbor, reeling in freshly caught seafood and shellfish to be served up at welcoming restaurants around the city. In particular, you’ll find crayfish and crab in plentiful supply. Traditional fish soup, served with warm rustic bread, is yet another Alesund specialty.

Shopping in Alesund.

You won’t have to travel far from port if you’re looking to stock-up on a native Norwegian keepsake in Alesund. The port is situated close to some of the best shopping spots in the city. Take a stroll through the charismatic cobblestone streets around Kongens Gate, home to a range of vintage and antique stores. You’ll also find shops selling beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments, as well as plenty of shops offering traditional souvenirs and keepsakes.

Getting around, Alesund transport.

The cruise port in Alesund is conveniently situated at the heart of the city, with a local hop-on hop-off bus stop and pick-up point for the city train is within walking distance. Many of the top sights within the city are around a 20–30-minute walk from port. Local taxis do stop at the port; however, these tend to be limited and can be expensive at peak times.

Alesund port facilities.

A tourist information kiosk is located on the pier, with handy brochures, maps, and guides to the city.

Alesund Quick Tips.


The accepted currency in Norway is the krone (KR), but most establishments will accept credit cards. However, it is always advisable to carry some cash with you for small transactions or to use in smaller family-run stores, cafes, or bars.

You’ll find ATMs, often referred to as ‘mini-banks’, across the city.


Tipping in Norway isn’t compulsory but a small tip for great service is always appreciated. When eating out, most restaurants will include a service charge within your bill.


Alesund has an oceanic climate with cold, rainy winters and cool summers. Alesund is located on the west coast of Norway, an area heavily influenced by ocean currents.

On average, temperatures reach highs of 63°F during the summer in Alesund while the winter months reach lows of 34°F.

June to August is the mildest season and is considered the best time to visit Alesund as the weather is cool and tourists can admire the midnight sun.

What to pack.

If you are visiting Alesund for an active vacation, be sure to prepare for all weather types. Even during the summer months, visitors are encouraged to pack rain jackets, waterproof hiking boots, and t-shirts that can be layered.

A light backpack (with a rain cover), a reusable water bottle, a portable charger, and a camera are also necessities when exploring the sights of Norway.