Hotel and Dining Service Charge Policy

The “hotel and dining service charge” is a daily amount for each guest that will be automatically added to your onboard account for your convenience, to recognize the efforts of a wide variety of crew members who contribute to the White Star service experiences of all our guests.  The crew members eligible to receive these funds work in various departments, many of whom rotate among different ships, throughout our fleet of ships. The hotel and dining service charge amounts vary by the type of accommodations and are charged on the daily basis to the guest’s onboard account. The amount of the hotel and dining service charge will be based on the stateroom category, as set out below:

Inside, Oceanview and Balcony

Grill Suite

$14.50 USD

$16.50 USD


We pride ourselves on excellent guest satisfaction and our Purser’s Office onboard is available to immediately address any concerns you may have about your cruise. In the unlikely event you remain dissatisfied for any reason, the hotel and dining service charge is subject to adjustment, at your discretion, at any time during the cruise up to the time you settle your onboard account prior to disembarkation. If you do not choose to adjust this daily charge while on board, your payment becomes final and nonrefundable.

There is no need for additional “tipping” for our hotel and dining crew.  Should you wish to individually reward any other crew members who have made your time on board particularly memorable, we welcome them to do so.  Pre-payment of these charges is available prior to boarding the ship.  Please contact Cunard at 1-800-728-6273.

In addition, other service charges apply to other onboard products and services that are not part of the voyage fare.  A 15% service charge is automatically added to your account for all bar and wine purchases that are not part of the voyage fare.  This is shared across all beverage staff.  A 12.5% salon service charge is passed directly to the crew member who looks after you.  

This charge is added to your onboard account.  Other optional products and services such as Alternative Dining, Specialty Food Items, Drinks not covered by the Drinks Package, Corkage Fee, Private Group Functions, and Spa Services that are not part of the voyage fare may contain a separate service charge which will automatically be added to your account and distributed to our crew members.  

If the voyage fare on your booking includes the hotel and dining service charge (or previously called “gratuities”), this amount will be prepaid by Cunard. (i) the payments are bundled into your fare; (ii) the payments are nonrefundable from the time of purchase, except as part of the voyage fare, which refund shall be provided in accordance with our cancelation policy; and (iii) no additional amount will be added to your onboard account for the hotel and dining service charge covered by such package.

Hotel and Dining Service Charge FAQs